Ring 211 December 2014 Report

T’was the night exactly two and half weeks after Christmas and all through the house not a mouse was stirring, except at the China Buffet restaurant on the southwest side of town where Ring 211 held its annual Holiday Party.

Each member and spouse received a gift bag compliments of the Ring which included festive candy pieces, candy canes and a gift, such as a pair of dress socks, a bow tie, and perhaps other appealing repertoire. After a delicious filling dinner amongst the lively friendly chatter, a few of the members also performed a trick informally in small groups. Gil Scott and Jesse Shira were two which I saw from the corner of my eye. In some cases, “a teach and do.” No formal performance program today. Just a good time of food, fun, and fellowship. President Michele Parkes with assistance from “the first man,” Jim Parkes, orchestrated a white elephant gift exchange. Michele called out the so called chosen card (many a time) and the member who had that card went to choose a gift. During the second round the member could keep the gift or “steal” one from another member. Looks to be a bright and exciting year ahead in 2015! Stay tuned with Ring 211 by viewing its web site.

What a fun holiday party. We thank Prez Michele Parkes for her work designing this party. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!

Michigan Magic Day 2015 will be in Kalamazoo this year presented by Ring 333 on May 1, 2, and 3 (a three day event). Details as they develop at http://michiganmagicday.com.

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