Ring 211 August 2014 Report

On Sunday, August 17, Ring 211 held its annual picnic. Members, including their family and friends, began arriving shortly after 2 PM to Dr. Jack Vander Wal’s home in Jenison, Michigan. The picnic was in the backyard which connects to Crystal Lake. Members brought a dish to pass such as a salad or dessert. The club furnished the burgers, hot dogs, and tableware. Of course, P. J. and Tina Weber brought the watermelon. Gary Oisten once again attempted to break the record he set about four years ago, catching an eighteen inch bass. Many gathered around tables and socialized. Others demonstrated a few close-up wonders such as Gil Scott. Around 4 PM, the burgers and hot dogs were grilled and all enjoyed the food. An impromptu magic show followed.

P. J. Weber opened the show with his version of the Invisible Deck. Steven Elkowitz impressed us with a card transposition. Randy Vander Wal performed “Quote-A-Log” by Fred Moore. Gary Oisten dazzled us with a few card routines. One was a card selection and find, then a big card-little card matching prediction, and then the final one being a matching prediction by taking half the value — the three and half of club big prediction card. Dr. Jack Vander Wal presented Phil Goldstein’s “Shinkansen,” an impressive cards across routine. Vince Rosso followed by producing three silks from a rod and air balloon in bottle. Chuck Bennett closed the show with a gospel routine using three white feathered rings and three different color silks. The silks changed to the desired colored silk color with the finish being the three rings transforming into a large multi-color feathered ring.

What a fun time at this year’s picnic. A thanks to all who came and our performers. President Michele also recognized her uncle Ray Bielecki and our secretary Dr. Jack Vander Wal as both of these elderly youthful members turn eighty within the next few weeks. Wow! Ray and Jack each received a brownie dessert. Hocus Pocus Party is November 1 with headliner Stephen Bargatze. Check our web site for details.

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