Welcome to Ring 211

“The Whole is more than the sum of its Parts.” Aristotle, Metaphysica written circa 350 B.C.

Welcome to the Web site for Ring 211! Our aim is to offer a more informative, more interactive site to help everyone better promote our shared love of magic. We sincerely hope you will join us in this ongoing goal.

Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be March 26, the Fourth Monday as usual. We’ll meet at at Brann’s. Arrive at 7:15 pm starting time, or 6:00 pm for those wanting to eat dinner with friends.

Workshop: TBA

March 2018 Program: Comedy Magic

Get ready to tickle your audience’s funny bones with a trick or routine designed to make them laugh. Cards, coins, silks, anything at all flies as long as it’s funny. And if you can amaze them at the end with some really strong magic, that works, too.

Please contact Ron Carnell if you would like to perform or MC.

For more information and a map to Brann’s, please check the Events Page

Coming Soon!

Want to get ready for next month’s Magic Theme?

April 2018 – Money Magic With April 15 fast becoming a National Day of Mourning, it’s only natural that our April Program focus on our continuing love/hate relationship with MONEY. Your trick or routine can center on money, or address it only obliquely, but it should definitely bring out the cash at some point.

Note: We’re setting up a special Escrow Account for anyone who wants to burn a volunteer’s hundred dollar bill this year.

Complete list of all Monthly Magic Programs for 2018

March 23-24 The 39th Annual Abbott’s Close-up Convention

The Close-up Convention runs Friday evening and most of Saturday, with the bulk of the activities taking place in the Abbott’s storefront. Booked for this year is Jason Ladanye and Paul Vigil. More information is available at http://www.abbottmagic.com/39th-Abbott-Closeup-Convention-2018-2018closeup.htm

April 14 The 4th Annual 31 Flavors of Magic Festival

Hosted by Ring 386, this magic festival runs from 11am to 5pm, with more than dozen entertainers performing multiple shows in locations throughout Colon, the Magic Capital of the World. More information available at http://magic-festival.com/

May 12 Abbott’s Hank Moorehouse Flea Market 2018

The Flea Market runs from 9am to 1pm, with the auction starting at noon. More information about getting your own booth at http://www.abbottmagic.com/2018-Sellers-Booth-at-the-May-12th-Flea-Market-Auction-2018fleamarket.htm

May 18-19 The 49th Annual Michigan Magic Day

Hosted by John Sterlini (Sterlini Magic) and Carl Thorton (Five Star Pizza), MMD 2018 is being held in Colon this year. The Night-Before Party is Friday evening and will be held at the American Legion, with lectures, close-up show, and evening show being held on Saturday. More information is (or will soon be) available at http://michiganmagicday2018.com/

July 4 – 7 The International Brotherhood of Magicians Annual Convention Grand Rapids!

Smashing talent from Las Vegas, throughout the U.S. and internationally comes to Grand Rapids! The magic will be GRAND! Certainly, the hotel is . . . the convention hotel is the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel! Invite your family and friends to one or all three of the public nightly shows at the astonishing vaudevillian Civic Theatre! To see the talent line-up and all the details, visit www.magician.org/convention.

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