Ring 211 October 2013 Report

For our October meeting, MagicBob Zoerman had both the workshop and program with the title, “Geek Magic.” For the workshop, he showed us how to make our pulse vanish. He defined geek magic as magic that makes you cringe. He showed us a sheet of mini posters of side show acts. Geek magic had its roots in the side show circus’. Some of those pictures were Tattooed Girl, Human Skeleton, Spider Woman, Bearded Lady, Lobster Boy, Rubber Skin Man, a two nosed cow, a sword swallower, a fire eater, and Siamese twins. He told us what type of magic was on Tomas Medina’s Geek Magic DVD such as drinking oil, eating glass, nail into nostril, and eye glass frame through nostril. He also shared two stories of geek magic he did to his soon-to-be mother-in-law back years ago which involved the illusion of eating bugs. These were just chocolate bug candy and French can peanuts. He gave many a chill by placing a needle between his upper and lower arms and bending. He also shared how to do it. Other examples he gave were producing a quarter or penny with a nail in it as when you take the coin right off your forehead, needle through tongue, and spoon out one’s eye ball. A freaky workshop. Thanks MagicBob. On a side note, MagicBob informed us of a business card maker which includes explanation of simple tricks of which a magi can have to obtain backdoor sales. This was a Jay Rumpell DVD. Interested, inquire to magicbob@magicbob.org.

For the program part, four members performed a version of geek magic. MagicBob informed us of the Rat Trap or Animal Trap gag. Later in the show he shared a story of his great aunt. He read from her diary of running away and joining the circus as a side show act. Then five envelopes of picture side show cards were passed out to various members and MagicBob determined by mental concentration who had his aunt’s picture card. Yet, later he magically lit a light bulb circuit. Gary Laundre’ had a card chosen and mixed into the deck. The deck was thrown into the air as a hand flapping gadget snapped the chosen card right out of thin air. He added his description of his bear trap gag. P. J. Weber physically pulled one of his front teeth out, put it back in so he could chew a piece of pink gum left from beneath a nearby chair, only to reproduce that gum as a pink balloon. Randy Vander Wal swallowed four borrowed quarters and retrieved them through his nostrils. Nobody wanted their money back. He closed the show with Howlin’ Howie. Since it was nearly Halloween, Randy had a card selected and placed it into a mini casket which contained Howie the skeleton. Howie with lightning and thunderous sound quickly rose his head to the viewing part with the chosen card on his forehead.

A fun night of geek magic and fun was had. Thanks to all who came and our performers.

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