Ring Event: Anthony Lindan Lectures to Ring 211

On October 14, Anthony Lindan presented his current lecture to Ring 211 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His lecture titled “I’m So Old, I’m New Again” featured both close-up and stand-up material and was well received. Anthony Lindan (who is old but “new” as in internet years) is a hugely popular corporate magician and speaker in Canada, based in Toronto. In addition to his corporate work, his client list reads like the Fortune 500. He has performed in every major convention city in North America. His magic has been featured in The Linking Ring, Minotaur, Apocalypse, and The Trap Door. He’s been invited to the Fechter’s Finger Flinging Frolic Convention 13 times. He founded and co-produced The Magic by the Falls convention for 3 years. Anthony is the creator of the hilarious Incredible Suit Jacket Escape, and the stunning newspaper test, REDONKULOUS, both released by Bill Abbott Magic. He is the creator of Star Gazer, Fortune & Fate, Presents of Mind videos.

Highlights of his lecture were:

  • A tote bag prop vanish as part of his People’s Choice Opener
  • Unknown Psychic, a hilarious variation of Ari Soroka’s The Red Carpet just using a paper bag, his unveiling was him wearing the mask of Jason from the Friday The 13 movies
  • Psychic Connection, a spectator freely cuts to three cards that reveal the identity of his selection, in this case the numbers made the hotel room key number
  • Free Fall, a chosen card appears within a photo, such as in a photo of a skydiver
  • REDONKULOUS, dramatically revealing the thought of a freely chosen word from an ordinary sheet of newspaper
  • His version of Magician’s Insurance Policy, four cards appeared out of four different pockets with the final card being revealed by the Insurance Policy and being revealed face up in the deck
  • Telephone Game, a card trick using the Invisible Deck
  • The Incredible Suit Jacket Escape, a comedy Houdini-style escape which fits inside a briefcase

Anthony had his items for sale and Peace of Mind Public Speaking program plus his DVD’s REDONKULOUS and The Incredible Suit Jacket Escape. We enjoyed his lecture and were entertained.

We recommend him to any club. Visit him at his web site, http://www.anthonylindan.com. The club also thanks our lecture chair, Dave Bogdan for obtaining this lecture through John Luka.

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