Ring 211 Program Themes

Our Program Chair, Peter Stobie, is looking for Theme ideas for 2014. Coincidentally enough, the last issue of the Linking Ring, for October, lists 53 Theme Suggestions on pages 80 to 82. Pete has asked for everyone to pick five from the list and email him their choices before October 27 (that means, like, immediately!). He wants to be able to announce our future Programs at the next meeting.

Pete’s email address is: peterstobie@gmail.com

For those who might not have their Linking Ring handy, here’s a quick recap.

  1. Kitchen Magic: Perform a trick using something found in the kitchen, such as a glass, paper towel, rice, spoon or cup.
  2. Hank Prank: Do a trick with a handkerchief, silk, or other cloth as the main component.
  3. Pocketful of Miracles: Perform an effect using anything usually carried in the pocket.
  4. Matchbox Miracles: Do a trick using any piece of apparatus that will fit inside a matchbox, or do a trick with the matchbox itself.
  5. Cheapskate Trickery: This is a trick or routine that you have made for less than three dollars.
  6. Mime-a-Miracle: Mime a trick, and the members try to guess it. Then perform the same trick with the apparatus.
  7. Rope Razzmatazz: Perform a trick using rope, string, or cord.
  8. Pasteboard Pranks: Do a card trick using no more than ten playing cards. This excludes lengthy tricks, such as those which require laying out pile after pile of cards.
  9. Sponge Sensations: Perform magic with sponge balls, cubes, or pieces, or anything made from foam or rubber.
  10. Kiddie’s Corner: Present a routine suitable for those under the age of eight.
  11. Adult Audacity: Perform an effect suitable for Adults, but not anything offensive.
  12. Tabletop Trickery: Do a trick using any apparatus that you can do close-up, on a close-up mat or a tabletop.
  13. Fantastic Food Magic: Perform a trick utilizing anything edible.
  14. Beginner’s Luck: Perform a trick that you already have, but have never performed in public.
  15. Mental Miracle: Do any mind reading effect that does not involve cards.
  16. Box Baffle: Use a trick utilizing a box, any kind of box, as long as the central apparatus is a box of some kind.
  17. Honesty Time: Perform a trick that you borrowed from someone ages ago and never returned.
  18. Screen-Printed Sorcery: Do a trick utilizing props that have been screen-printed (silk-screened), such as printed cardboard or fabric props.
  19. One-off Wonder: Perform a trick of your own creation that no one else will have.
  20. A Good Thing – Going, Going, Gone: Perform a trick in which there is a vanish of some kind.
  21. Blast from the Past: This is an old trick that you have revamped, either by updating the apparatus or updating the routine.
  22. Novelty Notion: Do a magic trick that incorporates some form of joke or novelty trick item.
  23. Just Chance: Each member places a standard or reasonably self-working trick inside a paper bag. The bags are mixed and each member selects a bag by chance with no force involved. Each member has two minutes to view the apparatus and plan a trick before performing it.
  24. Incomplete Feat: This is similar to 23, but instead of being bagged together, the individual components of the tricks are all mixed together.
  25. Action Auction: Each member performs a trick of their choice ad then there is a vote for the best trick of the evening. The trick is then auctioned to the highest bidder and the money goes to the club.
  26. Siamese Sensations: This is any trick in which two or more single items join together, either tied or in a chain.
  27. Every One a Gem: Perform a trick using a gem or piece of jewelry.
  28. Plastic Fantastic: This is any trick, old or new, that is manufactured in plastic.
  29. Turn Back Time: This is a trick in which the main theme is time, and in particular, the present becoming the past again.
  30. New Lamps from Old: This is a trick, a recognized standard, that is now used for an entirely brand new purpose.
  31. Party Pranks: Do a trick using anything you would associate with objects found at a party.
  32. Jubilation Juncture: You show the best trick you ever bought and explain why you think it is the best.
  33. Disappointment Depot: Show the worst trick you ever bought.
  34. Honey, I Dropped the Prop: Perform a trick that you once had an accident with and have repaired yourself or have had some else repair.
  35. A Force is a Force, Of Course: This is a trick utilizing your favorite force of a card, a color, a number, a word, etc.
  36. Which Switch is Which: Do any trick using a secret change or switch of one item for another.
  37. Oriental Offering: Perform a trick with a Chinese or Oriental flavor.
  38. Paper Crane: This is a trick using any type of paper.
  39. Clever Currency: Do a trick using coins or bills.
  40. Wand-A-Rama: This is a trick using a wand of some type.
  41. Stooge on a Stage: Perform a routine using a stooge or confederate to achieve the end result.
  42. Musical Magic: This is a trick or short routine with no patter and to suitable musical background.
  43. You( r) Tube: This is a trick using a tube or cylinder of metal, board, paper, or plastic.
  44. Glass Master Class: Do a trick using a glass or plastic tumbler.
  45. Silent Night: This is a trick performed in mime. No props are used – only the miming of the performer indicates (or should) the trick being performed.
  46. Bags of Fun: Perform a trick using a bag made of paper, cloth, etc.
  47. Balloon Ballonacy: This is a trick using one or more party balloons.
  48. I Can See Ya Thread, Fred: Do a trick using fine or invisible thread to accomplish the end result.
  49. The Art of Black Art: Perform a trick using the black art principle in any form.
  50. Assistants Required: Do any trick in which one or more spectators assist the performer.
  51. Transpo on Show: Do any trick in which one or more items transpose during the effect.
  52. Days of Yore (First Trick): Do the first trick you ever performed before an audience.
  53. Strike Up the Band: Perform a trick using one or more rubber bands.

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