Ring 211 Throws Birthday Bash for June Horowitz!

On September 21, Ring 211 (which also bears her name in its calling) threw a birthday party for June Horowitz! It has been a magnificently magical year for this centenarian. In April, Ring 36 had first dibs at honoring PIP June Horowitz with a birthday cake at its hosting of Michigan Magic Day 2013. In July, she was honored at the Order of Merlin Breakfast of the I.B.M.’s International Convention in Phoenix. In August, magi worldwide honored her at FAB Magic with a Bronze Star to be put in the Colon Magicians’ Walk of Fame and then with a dazzling, yet flaring, birthday cake at the conclusion of Abbott’s 76th Get Together. Well done magi. But . . . Ring 211 President Michele Parkes and the rest of its members thought “let’s put the frosting on the cake” by throwing her a birthday bash!

The party was held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids (thanks to Peter Stobie). The all purpose room (equipped with a stage) was masterfully decorated to a birthday party atmosphere with balloons, twirling ribbons, and the like. A large photo of her in front of the club’s banner welcomed attendees. A large table had many historical memorabilia which included press articles and photos. Also, a large photo of her and Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell (who made his presence) showed the humble greeting. Magi and friends which included family members had to place a Hawaiian Lei equipped with a multi-lit ball around their necks to be in the festive mood. Magi and friends came from nearby to far east as Detroit, such as a visit from Ken Cook and his wife. In fact, Ken, also a photographer, took many photos. See these on our web site at http://www.ring211.org. June’s dear friend and companion at magic conventions, Sunny Johnson, drove up the many miles from Indianapolis. Dianne Downs (B. J. Mallen’s mother) also came up from Colon. Sonny Tgiros wrote on the Ring 211 email digest:

“Just a big thank you for all of the people involved in making June’s birthday party such a huge success.

It was well attended, fun and entertaining. The evening passed quickly and it was great seeing some of the “old” members that have not been around for some time. Thanks again to all of you that contributed so much of your time and talent to a great evening for a wonderful lady.”

Krag & Carole Ryal added:

“Hats off to Michele and Jim for many hours of hard work, and I think we should adopt their niece, she is always such a great help! Kathy and Jerry, the decorations were beautiful! We think it’s fair to say, a good time was had by all. It was a wonderful celebration, and it couldn’t have happened for a nicer person:)”

A deliciously and filling pasta dinner was catered by Mike Russo of Russo’s Pizzeria. A period a strolling close-up magic were enjoyed by all. The magi were MagicBob Zoerman, P. J. Weber, Gary Oisten, and Dennis Favreau. This was followed by the presentation and slicing of the cakes. This deliciously delight was provided by Phyllis Horowitz, her daughter. Yes, June blew out 100 candles!

A short stage show capped off the evening. Dave Bogdan had put the show together with it being called a “Historical Surprise.” SuZie Zoerman as a preshow feature drew an impressive, yet entertaining, piece of chalk art illustrating the life of June Horowitz. It really comes together when the black light is applied. . . the magic of chalk art. Dave, upon introducing emcee Peter Stobie, surprised Steve Horowitz, June’s son, as he tossed a large brick towards him. Not to worry, it was only a sponge as Peter Stobie was used as a “treasure hunter” for this gag. Peter Stobie, between acts, humored us with his ironed shirt gag, Mark Wilson’s Thank You Banner which he used items from his pockets to spell out “Happy 100 June.” He continued with a comedy cut & restored rope (Aldo Colombini and Billy McComb ideas), a balloon road kill gag (from a recent Linking Ring Parade), a crow joke, a Rising Hat, and a cut & restored balloon with lots of “cheesy cow” jokes! MagicBob Zoerman shared some events that occurred in 1913 and showed a video of Houdini’s first time escaping from a strait jacket, upside down over the streets of New York, in that year. Then MagicBob “did a Houdini” by performing a strait jacket escape with an ungimmicked genuine Posey strait jacket. Gil Scott, wearing a tuxedo, took on the role as Cardini with a display of card manipulations followed by a Three Card Monte in which the Queen of Hearts had written “Happy Birthday June” on it. Krag Ryal with respect to Chung Ling Soo astonished us by producing silks from a Temple Screen. His grandson, Emmett, assisted Krag with the 20th Century Silks. Krag also produced a stuffed skunk and had it vanish in the Tear Apart Vanish. P. J. Weber represented Okito and performed a Miser’s Dream routine with the assistance of Krag’s other grandson, Cohen. He closed the show with his version of Hundy 500.

Quite a nice show to cap off the evening. Of course, TV 13 had arrived and requested to chat with our Shining Star. Check it out at http://www.wzzm13.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=2684686852001&odyssey=mod|tvideo|article

June was on “cloud one hundred” for many days after the party and appreciates what the club and others have done to make this a wonderful evening. Thanks to Jim and Michele Parkes and their niece, Stacey Krause, and to Dave Bogdan, Peter Stobie, Jerry & Kathy Herdegen, June’s family members, our performers, and all who attended. Also, a thanks to Al The Only for promoting the party. Plus a thanks to Ken Cook for taking many memorable photos.

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