Ring 211 August 2013 Report

In August our club holds its annual picnic. There is no board meeting nor regular meeting. Members attend along with family and friends for a fun time of fellowship, plenty of food, and fun on such a sunny day. The picnic took place at Dr. Jack Vander Wal’s backyard, which is adjacent to Crystal Lake. Gary Oisten was the first to arrive, about an hour early, to fish. He attempted to break his prior record of an eighteen inch bass. Many others arrived shortly after 2 PM. Some joined in the fishing. Dave Bogdan supplied the bait and his sons and their friends fished away. Other members chatted about life’s happenings and any current magic news. Gil Scott always finds himself entertaining others with card magic and leading a jam session with others interested. Ron Carnell arrived from as far away as The Magic Capital of The World, Colon. Wayne Ramsdell with his “better half” drove down from as far north as Greenville, while Bill Rasmussen just edged out Wayne by a few more miles. Of all our events, this picnic is one of June Horowitz’s favorites. As always, it is an honor to have her at our meetings and events. Chuck and Cindy Bennett, as well as Bruce and Sarah Wehr were here plus many others.

img_3381Members brought many edible delights such as snacks, to appetizers, to desserts. Of course, what is a picnic without watermelon? P. J. and Tina Weber made sure we had that melon. The club provided the sodas, hamburgers, hot dogs, and any necessary tableware. Dr. Jack Vander Wal acted as our grill master by grilling the hot dogs and burgers to perfection.

img_3348After the “dinner,” it was time for an impromptu magic show with myself as the chairperson. MagicBob Zoerman opened the show with a mental match involving a choice of a three digit number, a little math, and a number on a play chart. When the song played, it matched to the number on the chart. Dennis Favreau followed with a linking ring gag and then performed Sam Sandler’s Illusion Fusion and Henry Evans’ 3D Advertising which included a two card transposition.

img_3369Gary Oisten added laughs as he presented a card to pocket routine and then repeated the routine in slow motion with the surprise of the card appearing in the opposite pocket. Ron Carnell amazed us with a three way open card prediction. Gary Laundre’ impressed us with three variations of his cut and restored rope routine. Gil Scott astonished us with a card at any number routine and concluded with an open card prediction in which two different colored decks were used. Peter Stobie demonstrated his rope skills by “snapping” a knot on a rope and performing Aldo Colombini’s Disappearing Knot. Dave got us with a pun. He produced a stuffed toy pig from a tip over box claiming it was a “pig knick.”

img_3445Wayne Ramsdell closed the show with a two coin transposition involving a centavo and a silver dollar in which the appearance of two silver dollars was a surprise and the centavo was revealed from his pocket.

Another fun picnic. A thanks to all who came and to our performers. Hocus Pocus Party is November 2. Details on our web site.

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