June in August

June Horowitz’s 100th birthday isn’t until September 12, and her official Ring 211 Party doesn’t take place until September 21 (see the Events calendar for time and place!), but the unofficial acknowledgements, accolades, and celebrations started more than a month earlier, culminating in a barrage of events during the first few weeks of August.

Even before August, Randy Vander Wal and Jim Parkes started the June Horowitz ball rolling with a video-taped interview in June’s home. There’s about twelve minutes of Q&A with our Grand Lady of Magic, followed by more than twenty minutes of Show & Tell as June talks about some of her magic memorabilia. To comply with YouTube’s 15-minute limitation on uploads, the full interview has been edited into three sections.

On August 8, during the Abbott’s Get-together, a two hour ceremony was conducted at FAB Magic in Colon to present June with her own star on the village’s Magicians Walk of Fame and, of course, help celebrate her upcoming centennial birthday. The presentation was organized by Carole Ryal, who was also responsible for spearheading the month-long drive to finance the $1,275 Star. Donations came from far and wide, from both individuals and institutions, easily covering the cost of June’s Star. The plaque will be installed, probably in September, in the sidewalk outside the old Abbott’s building on State Street, just up from the old Opera House (now the village bank).

June’s Presentation was very well attended, including newspaper staff (see articles in Sturgis Journal and Michigan Live), and it seemed like everyone in town wanted to get their picture taken with the beaming Ms Horowitz. Punch, iced tea, and 100 decorated cupcakes (carefully laid out by Carole) were offered to those celebrating June’s birthday.

Here’s a short video of the actual presentation, including June’s as always pithy response.

The following Saturday, August 10, June was again honored, this time by Greg Bordner and Abbott’s, when she was awarded the Jerry Conklin Magic Family Award for her many contributions to the Get-together. June is quite probably the only person in the world who can claim to have attended every single one of the 76 Get-togethers (though Greg tells me at least one other is close to June’s record).

Following is a gallery of some of the photos taken during the presentation of June’s Star on August 8. There are also a few pictures from the Abbott’s ceremony on August 10, included here with permission from Greg.

Photo Gallery

June Horowitz would like to wholeheartedly thank the following Friends and Family for making her Star a Reality!

Evan Ginsburg
Mike McNee
Bruce and Sarah Wehr
IBM Ring 211 Grand Rapids
The International Brotherhood of Magicians
Eugene Burger
Irving Shapiro
Bob Bloenk
Milt Larson for the Magic Castle
Bill Watson
Carole and Krag Ryal
IBM Ring 386 Colon
Jim and Michele Parkes
Bill Rasmussen
Wayne Ramsdell
Ron Carnell
Raven Keckler
Michael and Harriet Jacobsen
Rick Fisher for FAB Magic
Jeff Nalazek
IBM Ring 36 Flint
Merlin Terrill
George Shindler for SAM
Sonny and Allison Tgiros
Dick Oslund
Steve Weikel
Gene Anderson
Al Leoni
Tim Ogden
Mr. and Mrs. Don Wiberg
Jerry and Kathy Herdegen
Dr. and Mrs. Rick Howell
Ardan James
Mrs. David Weikel
Mark Ginther Family
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reinstein
Carson and Doug Gancer
Roger Bus
Pete Stobie
Vince Russo
and anonymous donors.

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