Ring 211 July 2013 Report

Our July workshop was presented by Bob Panlener. Bob is always ready to perform. In his “real job” he takes opportunities to amaze his clients. It makes them feel good and who knows . . . it can lead to gigs. For Bob it has. His topic was Money Magic. He performed and demonstrated a torn and restored dollar bill by Terry Seabrooke, having a two dollar bill fold and unfold into two single dollar bills, magically taking the face off of a dollar bill, and the Wonderland Dollar. Thanks Bob.

img_3161Tonight’s program was “Deckless.” Magi were encouraged to perform a card packet routine. Our chairperson was Gil Scott. He amazed us with a signed card and a Three Card Monte.

Ron Carnell (He is our web master. View our site!) astonished us by having four Jokers magically change to four Fives. Dr. Jack Vander Wal nicely performed Five Card Royal. Jerry Herdegen (AKA Choo Choo The Clown) impressed us with the penetration of a jack knife through a balloon and topped it off with the formation of a turtle balloon. Bob Panlener intrigued us with Chance Or Fate.

img_3179Gil wanted to perform another and got us with Open Prediction. Krag Ryal further challenged us with and ESP prediction routine and another prediction involving the date on a coin among five coins. Jim Parkes added to the entertainment value by showing Doug Henning’s See Through Card. P. J. Weber continued the astonishment by having a selected card vanish from the deck only to be revealed from his pocket. Dennis Favreau thrilled us by a having the ashes of a burnt piece of paper containing the selected card revealed upon his arm the name of the chosen card.

img_3146Ring President Michele Parkes presented the following awards: Peter Stobie (Workshop of the Year, Excellence in Stage, and Service — Program Chair), P. J. Weber (Excellence in Close-Up), Kathy Herdegen (Most Service to Club), Dave Bogdan (Service — Lecture Chair), Ron Carnell (Service — Web Master), and Randy Vander Wal (Service — Ring Scribe). She announced that Christian & Katalina received Outside Lecturer of the Year.

Wow, another night of magic and fun. Big thanks to all who came to the meeting and our performers. Also, a thanks to my nephew, Jesse Shira, for taking notes for the submitting of this report. Check out our web site for information regarding the 2nd Annual Bob & Judie Kramer Stage Magic & Novelty Act Competition and our upcoming 27th Annual Earl Ray Wilcox Memorial Hocus Pocus Party. We dedicate the Hocus Pocus Party this year to our own “centennial lady” June Horowitz.

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