Ring 211 June 2013 Report

Our June workshop was presented by Jeff Veley on “Sound Systems and Backdrops.” Jeff has a diverse resume in the area of production which includes directing three nationally-known youth productions. He offers private coaching and equipment rental through his company, Where You Going Productions, LLC. He also performs his suffocation escape and speaks to youth about topics such as bullying and healthy relationships. Jeff talked about one’s first thirty seconds onstage in which the audience forms their opinion about you. Can you be seen, heard, and what makes you stand out as a magician? Audio and visual (A/V) equipment can make and break one’s show. He encourages wireless mics and to invest in excellent equipment. He mentioned how he uses an A/V Rider (contract) to help communicate his needs for onstage effectively.

On audio he spoke on mics (mic etiquette), music, sound systems (Fender, Happy Amp, etc.), speaker placement, battery checks, and music cues (make cues idiot proof). On visual he briefed us on costuming, lighting, blocking, backdrops (had his made by Jeff Jones on display — magicbackdrops.com), and video. If you are performing close-up magic on stage can the whole audience enjoy the experience? In fact, he made us ponder on this question. If half of your audience was blind and the other half was deaf, would they find you entertaining? He mentioned Jeff McBride and Sylvester the Jester as examples of fully entertaining their audiences.

Next, Yohan Daza, who is an accomplished artist, graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design, and is the Director of Art and Media at Jeff’s company shared many video and photo samples to improve one’s image online which included photography, videography, graphic design, music production, creative consulting/coaching, voice talent, and equipment. Jeff concluded his workshop by answering a few questions from the membership and the importance of having a “first aid kit” for your audio equipment, an audio survival kit. A big thanks to Jeff and Yohan.

Tonight was Original Magic with chairperson Ron Carnell. Time to flex our creative muscles and exercise the little grey cells! A member was encourage to perform an effect, routine or technique that he/she has created or adapted. Write ups were given to Peter Stobie to prepare for a Ring Parade.

img_3044MagicBob Zoerman presented a greeting card routine in which the spectator chooses one card from an ace to a six and the corresponding number matches the numbered greeting card which contains the money (a two dollar bill in this case). All the greeting cards are shown with the one with the money last. He also showed us a Gospel version. Next, he showed us a similar routine in which the spectator can win one of eight ducks (labeled love, courage, bless, hope, pray, friend, and faith). To win a duck one must use a magic penny which is obtained by choosing a card from ace to eight. The number chosen matches the corresponding number of the duck (revealed last) which has the magic penny. Lastly, MagicBob magically stretched the penny and one could read the Ten Commandments engraved within the stretched part.

img_3057Krag Ryal performed a card routine using Pandora’s Box. The box is locked and given to a spectator in the audience. Krag then had the Two’s of each suit magically change into the Aces and the Two’s are revealed inside the box. Next, he had SuZie Zoerman select a card and placed back into the deck which was shuffled and cut a few times. SuZie then brought the deck to Carole Ryal who was outside of the room. A few moments past and Carole entered the room and revealed SuZie’s card.

img_3064Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed his version of the Topsy-Turvy Bottles but he used Budweiser and Coors brand beer bottles.

Note: By this time I had to leave to assist my brother with his vehicle so my nephew, Jesse Shira, took remaining notes.

img_3086Gary Laundre’ astonished us with a coal to diamond routine. This included a sequence of two diamonds in one hand and one diamond in the pocket. The diamond also increased in size before its vanish. Gary concluded with a card effect using a blank deck.

img_3110Bill Watson (visiting from Ring 386 of Colon, Michigan) enlightened us with a four card trick which included the blue backs flipping to Kings and those Kings flipping over to Aces and those Aces flipping to red backs.

img_3125Ron Carnell intrigued us with a silver dollar and copper penny routine which involved the silver dollar magically passing through a bag. A sticker (prediction) was placed on the silver dollar and signed. Four members randomly called out a number between zero and nine. the numbers were three, four, seven, and eight. This matched the number 3478 on the back of the coin.

Another night of magic and fun! Thanks to our performers and Jesse for the notes. Visit our web site for upcoming events such as a birthday party for June Horowitz (her 100th), the 2nd Annual Bob & Judie Kramer Magic & Novelty Act Competition ($500.00 grand prize) and the 27th Annual Earl Ray Wilcox Memorial Hocus Pocus Party.

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Photos by Michele Parkes

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