RING 211 PRESENTS Dan Garrett

Ring 211’ers and its many friends:

***** Note the location of the Dan Garrett Lecture — El Barrio Grill, 545 Michigan Street NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. ***** Our original meeting place, Brann’s, was only able to give us half the room. But this is a Dan Garrett Lecture so a bigger facility was needed.


Inquiries please contact Jim or Michele Parkes, 550-4697 or 550-5406, hippityhop10@gmail.com

RING 211 PRESENTS Dan Garrett

Mentalist – Magician – Speaker – Humorist

Presents his “Forward Into The Past” Lecture! Thursday, MAY 2, 2013 7:00 PM!!
Admission: Ring 211 Members: Free
Other Magi & Guests: $15.00

El Barrio Mexican Grill
545 Michigan Street NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Plenty of parking in their back lot. Join fellow magi for dinner and fellowship at 5:00 PM.

Forward Into the Past is a brand-new lecture experience filled with magic from Dan Garrett’s working repertoire of both past and present. The contents include mainly close-up magic and mentalism with coins, knives, paddles and cards. It has been rumored that there is even a grand illusion in this lecture. (?) Serious magic and comedy magic: there is truly something for everyone. Emphasis is placed on improving your performances and tapping in to the emotions and intellect of your audiences.

A Partial List of Contents
* Magi-Fest Jest – a hilarious MC gag.
* The GodMother of All Book Tests – Easy to perform and nothing to buy. 2 books, 2 participants, 3 minds, 1 thought.
* Pocket Knife Act – A full close-up act for walk-around, no resetting needed. You’ll love the surprise ending!
* Up the Creek WITH a Paddle – See the classic paddle move in a whole new light. Dan will make you an offer you can’t refuse.
* Hello, Mr. Chips – Duke Stern’s coin routine with special touches from Dan Garrett.
* Desire Under the Elms(leys) – a strange and wonderful biological circus routine with a few acrobatic cards.
* Epic – Marked Down – A mentalism act for close-up or stage that fits in your pocket and costs less than $10 to make.
* Two Foreseen – The miracle that everyone who witnesses this lecture is talking about. A double impossible CAAN (card at any number) with no memory work or technical skill required.
* Even More Magic with cards, coins, rubber bands, character impersonations, and the awesome power of words! Grab this chance to learn from one of magic’s most acclaimed performers and teachers.

If you miss this lecture, you won’t be able to sleep with yourself again!

About Dan Garrett:

Who is Dan Garrett?

Dan Garrett wears many hats, as a performer, inventor, lecturer, author, columnist, publisher, teacher and reviewer. He performs at ease with every conceivable demographic of audience, large or small, children or adults, family groups or corporate clients.

What are Dan Garrett’s credentials?

Dan has been featured on the cover of the I.B.M.’s magazine The Linking Ring, and twice on the cover of the S.A.M.’s magazine M-U-M. In the November 2012 issue of M-U-M, Dan Garrett was first on a list of magicians described as “a living magic legend [and] an artist who defined close-up magic in the last years of the twentieth century.” He is Past President of the S.A.M., Past Territorial Vice-President of the I.B.M., Member of the Inner Magic Circle (M.I.M.C. with Gold Star) in London, and a Guest of Honor at F.F.F.F. (the original close-up magic convention, now known as “ Obie’s 4F”) where he currently serves on the Board of Directors. Dan Garrett has also been a feature writer for Stan Allen’s MAGIC. Dan is an M-U-M columnist and product reviewer, who has performed live on CNN Headline News.

Dan has been a full-time pro for 40 years. He has lectured world-wide, in over a dozen countries. Dan has produced six lectures and three “fully-loaded” DVD’s on magic, plus his acclaimed “Over the Rainbow” routine for color-changing disks. He performs and teaches magic for many different audiences and situations. Stan Allen has called Dan a “general practitioner of magic.” Others have described Dan as a “great teacher of modern-day magic and methods.”


Even if he never taught a single effect, just listening to his voice, watching his style and enjoying his performance would be worth the entrance fee. [Epic Marked Down] used only index cards and 3 different colored pens – and no props. This, too, was worth the price of admission. We do know [that] no matter the cost of the lecture, the time spent absorbi ng Mr. Garrett’s knowledge is a great value… Do not miss one of the best lectures we have seen in years! – Tim Quinlan, MAGIC NEWS, _www.insidemagic.com_ (http://www.insidemagic.com)

A few reviews for Forward Into the Past may be found in the following locations:

6 reviews in The Linking Ring, Vol. 92, No. 11, November 2012 Ring Reports – Ring 46, Oklahoma City OK, pg. 129; Ring 58, Knoxville TN, pg. 131; Ring 64, Louisville KY, pg. 132; Ring 81, Sarasota FL, pg. 133; Ring 130, Jacksonville FL, pg. 138; Ring 198, Lexington KY, pg. 143.

For more on Dan and to watch video on his magic, visit _www.dangarrettmagic.com_ (http://www.dangarrettmagic.com/) . Go to “for magicians only” to see what he has available. You may view his lecture pdf file on the site.

Dan’s Lecture Reviewed in Ring Reports

The Linking Ring, Nov. 2012 (Volume 92, Number 11)

We had an incredible turnout for Dan Garrett, eagerly anticipating his new “Forward Into the Past” lecture experience. We knew this was going to be fun… In just under two hours, Mr. Garrett presented more than 15 varied effects. Most memorable was “Two Foreseen” was a double-selected-cards-at-any-number effect that had us all scratching our heads during the break. There was quite literally something for everyone, including two different Book Tests, a card effect with pictures of cereal boxes, a coin routine, and several uses of ambigrams, including a great paddle effect. He concluded with “Epic – Marked Down,” a triple prediction effect like Mental Epic. We thank Dan for including Ring 58 in his lecture tour.! – Tom Vorjohan, Ring 58, Knoxville TN

Mr. Garrett used items that most of us have in our magic supply or around the house. These included knives, coins, cards, books and markers. Dan also used poetry and ambigrams to make a point. Each of these items were used with a sleight, a shift, or a paddle move. Should you think you already know card moves, or how to do the Paddle move, you should reconsider. Dan Garrett used many different Paddle moves on knives, coins, and even business cards, as well as the “Hot Rod” type prop (with a twist, naturally). Mr. Garrett showed us the well-known moves on cards and paddles, then showed how these can be altered and improved. He gave us a few examples of his talent in impressionist style, saying famous lines from movies and from famous actors saying those lines. Thanks for the laughs, the sleights and the moves, Mr. Garrett. It made for a very different kind of night.! – Tom Crecelius, Ring 64, Louisville KY

The largest part of the evening was filled with the magic of Dan Garrett. Aside from his manipulative skills and engrossing patter, you can’t take your eyes off his perfectly groomed and waxed mustache. He is a master at telling stories that fit naturally with his magical performance. But most appreciated by me was his clear explanation of how to predict the first words in a book… I am pleased to say he made a number of sales that night as well as increased his number of fans. – Jerry Meketon, Ring 81, Sarasota FL

Dan opened with a funny bit which he called “The Magi-Fest Jest,” where the appearance is given that a card is firmly wedged into his forehead. Dan shared some excellent tips on the Paddle move, including several routines with blank paddles and ambigrams. Dan showed that almost anything can be used as a paddle, including business cards. Dan’s card effects were humorous and themed. In one of those he took on the role of a circus ringmaster/biologist. The strongest and most fooling card effect was “Two Foreseen” where two cards are predicted with two spectators in an ACAAN type effect. Some fine mentalism effects were shared [including] the “Godmother of All Book Tests.” Dan closed with a clever and extremely portable “Mental Epic” type routine. This was a fun lecture with lots of useful tips and tricks. Dan is entertaining and Ring 130 is happy that he spent an evening with us. – Simone Marron, Ring 130, Jacksonville FL

*********** Another “Cut Above The Rest” Lecture from our lecture chairman Dave Bogdan! Ring 211 welcomes Dan back for his third lecture with us! *****************

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