Ring 211 March 2013 Report

007MagicBob Zoerman presented our March workshop. It was a report about MagicBob and his wife SuZie’s trip to India. They have had nine trips to India and are planning on their tenth. MagicBob and SuZie presented forty shows in just over three weeks. They toured through Campus Crusade For Christ. This year they had a magi friend from Phoenix join them along with a magi from India. There was not an air- conditioning venue but all shows were “overfilled” with eager viewers. Most audiences were for young adult students. But they had other shows for younger students as well. They visited the southern most tip (close to the equator) which included Tamil Nadu and Kanyakumari, He showed us many pictures through a Power Point set up. Neat to see how these people packed the venues. In the shows MagicBob would open with his magic, SuZie would have a segment in which she performs her chalk art, they then do a part together, and he then would close the show. He concluded the workshop by answering many questions from club members. Thanks to MagicBob and SuZie.

Tonight was Silk Magic Night with chairperson Randy Vander Wal. Oddly enough our first act was not a silk routine. Bill Rasmussen challenged us with his Wheel of Phenomenon. This involved two spins, adding the two numbers, cards were dealt from a deck involving the spinning numbers, and the card in a separate envelope matched the cards dealt.

Now to the silks. Dr. Jack Vander Wal delighted us with his gospel spoof routine of “Little Bo Peep” with use of the Mutilated Parasol. P. J. Weber followed with an enticing production of a silk bunny rabbit from a silk top hat (silks from Laflin). The bunny silk also vanished in his hand and only to reappear from the silk top hat.

018Randy Vander Wal was next and had new youth member Braxton Picou and his mom, Josie, assist with a MisMade Bunny silk routine in which each person chooses a color from a bag of colors and the outlined bunny silk appears in full color. Gary Laundre amazed us with a green silk hand vanish, then a yellow silk magically turned green going through his hand. Not less than a minute later, the green silk changed into yellow. Gary exercised his magical hands a little bit more with a green silk vanish and golf ball routine in which he exposed the hole in the golf ball. Then he peeled off the “hole” and the ball surely bounced from the floor and ready for the Masters. Chuck Bennett closed the show with the Silk Serenade to a gospel theme.

That’s it. Another night of magic and fun. Thanks to our performers. Magic Week is two weeks this year in Colon, Michigan. Go to the prospected web sites for more details:



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