Ring 211 February 2013 Report

Leo Peters presented our February workshop on Silks. Leo told us that silks add color to one’s show. He demonstrated this by showing us: a silk streamer production from a change can; silk hand vanishes and productions, even silks producing from silks; a mismade bear silk routine called Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear using a triangular vanish prop; a silk color blendo routine called Sad, Glad, Mad, Envy (been had); another streamer from a can; a three individual silk vanish in hand, produced from one silk, into hand with outcome of being tied together with use of a die tube; and multiplying silks from each other called snap silks, gathering the silks, and silk fountain with a large butterfly silk finish. He also showed us a variety of thirty-six inch silks, demonstrated the benefits of keeping silks folded in a file folder, and explained the use of some of his props.

Quite a silk workshop! Thanks Leo.

randy01Tonight was Money Magic with chairperson P. J. Weber. Randy Vander Wal opened the show with a Tom Burgoon effect in which two mini credit cards are produced from two borrowed credit cards. The two baby ones fit nicely is Randy’s shrunken wallet (Tom Burgoon too) which had mini dollar bills, a shrunken and distorted picture of his niece and nephew, and even small pennies and half dollar coins.

MagicBob Zoerman performed the Inside/Outside Bill using a jumbo bill. He also magically stretched a penny (his own effect) in which the stretched part contained the Ten Commandments.

jim-and-sara02Jim Parkes astonished us by pulling out the color thread within a bill and then putting it back into the bill and followed with a coins through table routine in which the climax was the attempt of two coins seen through a glass were to penetrate through the table and yet only one coin went part way, just underneath the mat.

Gary Oisten enlightened us with a bill routine in which he felt cheated from the bank teller. She counted the bills as twenty and he as nineteen, then to fifteen with the ending being nineteen plus a silver dollar.

pj01P. J. Weber ensured that money grows by doing two of his favorites: Hundy 500 and folding a one dollar bill into a one hundred dollar bill.

Gary Laundre’ closed the show with a Chinese coin and a US half dollar coin transposition, a three coin routine with vanishes and reproductions, another vanish and reproduction routine involving a US half dollar coin and an English penny, and yet another transposition with an English penny and US half dollar coin.

Another night of magic and fellowship. We thank our performers. Keep up to date with us on our web site.

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