Shaun Robison Lectures to Ring 211

Shaun Robison is an award-winning magician & mentalist! A true professional, Shaun knows how to please an audience. He sure pleased Ring 211 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on February 6. A first stop on his tour in Michigan. Two other stops were Ring 22 in Detroit and the Wunderground Magic Shop in Clinton Township.

2012photos427His award winning sleight of hand and incomparable humor made for an exciting evening. His props were ordinary everyday things such as, coins and bills, Hershey Kisses, paper, playing cards, and most importantly our minds! His gift of laughter and his child-like attitude entertained and enlightened us all the while uplifting our spirit through his ingenious and unique gift.

2012photos429The title of his lecture was “Magic In & For Restaurants.” For the past 11 years, Shaun has worked four major restaurants in four major upstate New York cities, five nights a week. Shaun taught many of the powerful techniques that have kept him a sought after and busy magician for the past 11 years! He shared his insights on approaching tables (three of his five intro’s), how to get the job, and dealing with the tough spectator.

Highlights of his lecture were:

  • Re-Boxed by Steve Bedwell with an ambitious card and transposition
  • Milt Kort’s Coins Through Table using four coins and a shot glass
  • Look of Astonishment by Paul Harris, a coin imprinting routine using aluminum foil, a cocoa bean, and sugar for the climax of the production of two Hershey Kisses.
  • four ace routine having the aces change to four jacks
  • Doc Eason’s Anniversary Waltz with insights from Chris Carter
  • spoon bending
  • his greatest card trick
  • Cinch, an instant bill change and many variations, a best seller
  • Money Card, a three card monte with a logical stunning kicker
  • a card prediction routine in which two chosen cards are lost and are revealed “one above and one below” his business card (which has that written quote) and the third chosen card is revealed by faintly burning the business card with a lighter to reveal what is written

2012photos426He had items for sale including his DVDs: The Art and Magic of Shaun Robison (volumes one and two), Intermission with Shaun Robison, The Money Card, and Cinch. Ring 211 recommends Shaun to any club. This lecture was through Nathan Kranzo. Visit Shaun through his web site at for videos of his routines and more.

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