Ring 211 September 2012 Report

Gil Scott presented the September workshop and it was on card palming: the technique and the real secret. He performed a card to pocket routine to demonstrate the technique (the “how”) and the secret (the “when”). He showed us how to top palm, bottom palm, and the diagonal palm shift. He emphasized to palm on the “off beat” and use time misdirection. Thank you Gil.

Tonight was Hocus Pocus Party Round Robin with chairperson Peter Stobie. Peter had five performers who will be doing close-up at our upcoming Hocus Pocus Party do a “round robin” amongst five tables. This is what I witnessed at my table.

Gary Laundre astonished us with a sponge ball routine which included multi-productions, ball from hand to hand, and a ball appearing from beneath a dish with a vanish and multi-production from beneath that dish. Then a similar routine followed this time using a mini Mexican hat with a color change and a larger ball with multiple flashing lights as the climax.

Ron Carnell amused us with a one-handed card to pocket routine and then amazed us with a Three Fly coin routine.

Mike McNee astounded us with a vanish of a bottle cap using his “I-phone,” a card selection in which the card was revealed on a note in a box, then on his hand, then with all the cards of the deck changing to the chosen card. He followed with a copper and silver routine, a mental routine using horror movie cards, and a six card routine of different colored backs changing to the color of the back of the chosen card.

Jesse Shira spiked us with his version of Hot Rod and Daryl’s Odd Quad.

Vince Rosso enlightened us with the production of a large contact lens from his eye, a match box cover vanish, a vampire silk to bat (hand vanish and appearance), and a Chords of Phantasia using a necklace, a wand, two strings, and two dice. He continued with a red silk appearing from a “black hole” on another silk, a card prediction in which the matching cards were the Jokers and the deck mysteriously turned blank, and his flexible plastic using his friendly ghost.

Another night of magic and fun! Thanks to all our performers.

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(Thanks to Michele Parkes for taking the bulk of the pictures.)

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