Ring 211 August 2012 Report

In August, we hold our annual picnic, instead of the regular meeting. Here members bring themselves, family, and friends for a great time of socializing, eating, magic, and also fishing. Magi and friends began arriving just past 2 PM on Sunday, August 12, in the back yard of Dr. Jack Vander Wal’s residence.

Gil Scott, Gary Oisten, MagicBob Zoerman, Bill Rasmussen, and Vince Rosso, I noticed were showing each other tricks. P. J. Weber and Chuck Bennett also mingled in and brought their two better halves. To add to the fun, Ron Carnell drove from Colon, about a ninety minute drive away. Dave Bogdan, eager to visit with Gil, MagicBob, etc., found himself upon the shoreline of the adjacent lake unhooking the many fish being caught by his sons, Keegan and Kellan, and then other youngsters such as my nephew and niece. Gary Oisten joined in on the fishing throughout the afternoon. See he holds the record for catching an eighteen inch Bass about three years ago and is eager to break that record. Cassandra Heimbeck brought a yard game many enjoyed.

Members brought delicious salads, desserts, chips, and dip. This went well with the hot dogs and burgers furnished by the club. Dr. Jack fired up his grill and flame-broiled the burgers adding his secret spices. He left me grilling the hot dogs on the old charcoal one.

joshua02After the meal, it was time for an impromptu magic show. My nephew, Joshua Schmitz, opened the show with a quarter box vanish, a color changing silk routine, and a silk box vanish and reappearance. How does this seven year-old know beginning, middle, and end? Good coaching from his father who is not a magi.

chaiah01My niece Chaiah (almost 5) performed a colorful magic fan and impressed us with the mental color dot die and box.


wayne02Wayne Ramsdell presented his version of Coins Across which included coming from his nose.

ron02Ron Carnell intrigued us with his version of Cards Across using Jim Parkes and our Ring president, Michele Parkes.


cassandra01Cassandra Heimbeck humored us using two youngsters while doing Tipsy Turvy Forks.

kathy01Kathy Herdegen (always assisting Jerry her husband — Choo Choo The Clown — many a year ago and even now) finally performed her first trick! She puzzled us by mentally revealing the number chosen among many colored numbered squares.

gil03Mr. Card Magic himself, Gil Scott, dazzled us with a card selection and find involving two decks in which the chosen card was revealed from the second deck.

jack01Dr. Jack Vander Wal astonished us with ABC Stung (Fab Magic) and Matrix Receipts (featured in the July 2012 issue of Genii).


randy02Randy Vander Wal did an escape challenge, Chain Cuffs (Abbott Magic).

gary02Gary Oisten closed the show with an excellent display of the Elmsley Aces.


The club thanks the members for coming to the picnic and the performers. Take a look at our web site for information on our first Bob & Judy Kramer Stage Contest of Magic on October 20 and our 26th Annual Hocus Pocus Party on November 3 featuring Christian & Katalina as well as the winner of the contest.

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