Diamond Jim Tyler Lecture

Diamond Jim Tyler has performed thousands of shows, on television, at hotels, in restaurants, in twenty countries and in thirty-two states since the mid-1980s. He has appeared at the world-famous Magic Castle many a time and has performed at trade shows and other events for such top clients as AT&T, IBM (the business machine company as well as our fine magic organization), Mobil, Pepsi, and Time Warner.

Jim was also a consultant for the promo of the movie Mirrors, starring Kiefer Sutherland. He has been featured in The Linking Ring, M-U-M, Magic, Genii, Secrets, The Magic Menu, Vanish, and an array of other magazines.

Jim Tyler has perfected his magic in the real world, under real-life conditions, making his experience and insight invaluable to all magicians. He used his performance experience in the development of his magic, and shared it during his lecture. Jim has also lectured in such notable venues as The Magic Castle, the Magic Circle in London, and at John Luka’s Motor City Close-Up Convention.

Now it was our turn on August 7, for Ring 211 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Diamond Jim is an inventor of many effects, including the following he performed at the lecture:

  • Z.A.P. Wallet
  • Sweet
  • Dia-Monte
  • Animated Card Box
  • Sentimental Postcards
  • Mythos
  • Soul Revelation
  • Mirrors
  • New Age Spellbound
  • Diamond Deck
  • Collateral
  • The Doomsday Deck and The Ouija Card (not performed)

Jim’s lecture included the performance and explanation of this magic which also included bottles, cans, mirrors, coins, rings-and-strings, cards and much more. A handful of quick short stunners came from his books Bamboozlers (volumes 1 and 2) such as Full of Bull, another water bottle suspension, Pencil on Hand, and soda can tilt balance. In addition he presented his Magnetic Coins, Magnetic Credit Cards, and his “dollar bill as credit card” gag while sharing other uses of the “muscle pass.” He closed his lecture by performing the rectangular row and column of ten coins in which one coin is added numerous times and each row and column still contains only ten coins each time. He sure had a great variety of close- up, parlor and mentalism. Every routine that Jim taught has been performance tested and perfected.

All the routines listed above were available for sale, including his lecture notes, and utility items such as the Himber Wallet, the Z-Fold Wallet, and the Ultimate Hold Out (TDC). We thank our lecture chairman Dave Bogdan for obtaining another outstanding lecture. Diamond Jim Tyler has all this and more on his web site at http://www.diamond-jim.com/

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