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“The Whole is more than the sum of its Parts.” Aristotle, Metaphysica written circa 350 B.C.

Welcome to the Web site for Ring 211! Our aim is to offer a more informative, more interactive site to help everyone better promote our shared love of magic. We sincerely hope you will join us in this ongoing goal.

Our Next Meeting

Our September meeting will be September 28, the Fourth Monday as usual. We’ll still meet at at Brann’s. Arrive at 7:15 pm starting time, or 6:00 pm for those wanting to eat dinner with friends.

Workshop: Jesse Shira — Perusing Prestidigitation Periodicals: Good Magic from Good Magazines. Members should bring a deck of cards, at least one of each of the following coins: Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, and also to bring an open mind ready to learn and have a good time for the first in what could be a series of workshops from me, Perusing Prestidigitation Periodicals: Good Magic from Good Magazines.

September 2015 Program: Holiday Magic

Perform your favorite Magic for your favorite Holiday! We are looking for tricks and routines for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day or any other holiday that you can inspire our members with! Let’s make this a Party! Please contact Ron Carnell if you would like to perform or MC.

For more information and a map to Brann’s, please check the Events Page

Coming Soon!

The Youth Chapter meeting will be held September 25, 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Denny’s: 3900 28th Street, SE Kentwood, MI 49512

If you’d like to start getting ready for October, it’s going to be a Hocus Pocus Preview Round Robin. We’ll be looking for performers who would like to try out their walk-around routine for club members. Since we are performing at Hocus Pocus, we don’t always get to see each other. We need 4-5 performers to perform about 5 minutes at each of 4-5 tables.

Whit “Pop” Haydn, winner of seven “Magician of the Year” awards from the Magic Castle, will be lecturing for Ring 211 on Monday, September 14, 7pm, at Bran’s. Details to follow as they become available.


Whit Haydn Lecture

IMG_5604.JPGFrom Jesse Shira:

Ring 211 gladly welcomed sorcerer/scam scoundrel Whit “Pop” Hadyn to a crowded banquet room at Tommy Brann’s on September 14, taking the place of our regularly scheduled board meeting (Many thanks are given to Pop for this swift change of 2nd Monday material). He opened up with his take on Red Hot Mama/Chicago Opener, tenatively titled, “Chicago Surprise”. Without missing a beat he continued on with the performance of his Multiple Peeked Cards to Pocket routine, and shortly after, an effect called “Specific Resonance” which is his take on the Ambitious Card. After detailing some of the finer points to these three close up conjuring miracles, he moved on to a few stage/parlour/platform tricks.

His first was the color changing handkerchief, using 24 inch silks. He talked about the theatrics of the performing, and how using 24 inch silks over 18 inch ones make the act look much more spectacular. He says this is the routine he opens with on stage. Next he described the trick he used to open with, the Sucker Silk to Egg. Moving on from this he went into his take on the Six Card Repeat, and again, talked some fine points on making the act look bigger. To further demonstrate that principal, he showed us the “Mongolian Pop Knot,” a staggering stage rope routine that would work in a hall meant to fit 1000.

At this time we took an intermission and celebrated two birthdays of two of our ring’s lifetime members, Dr. Jack VanderWal who turned 81 on September 3, and P.I.P. June Horowitz, celebrating her 102nd birthday which happened two days prior to the lecture.

When we returned from the cake and song-filled celebration Pop showed us some more fantastic close up magic. The first of these two was his Coins Across routine, and then a fun little presentation called the “Intricate Web of Distraction,” known to many magi as the Color-Changing Knives. It was following this routine that Haydn discussed how important scripts are for magicians, and I’ll pass that on to you — they are VERY important and knowing a routine inside and out is much easier when you have a script to follow along with. After this, Pop went into his grand finale — his Linking Rings routine, using four 12 or 14 inch rings. It is a fun two person ring routine with a natural progression that made everyone enjoy.

The lecture concluded here and many chose to stick around for a little while longer and talk with Pop. Then, when it was all said and done, the ring members paid their bills, bought some new toys, and sunk back into the night, awaiting to incorporate the fun new magic they all learned on this evening into their own professional repertoires.

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Ring 211 August 2015 Report

In August, we do not have either a board meeting nor a regular meeting because we have our annual picnic. Once again, it was held at Dr. Jack Vander Wal’s back yard which blends into Crystal Lake. Members, their friends, and family members arrived just past 2 PM on Sunday, August 16, which happened to be a beautiful sunny day. Members brought salads and desserts. The club furnished the dinnerware, soft drinks, burgers, and hot dogs. Those who attended chatted among each other about their summer activities, the latest on the magic scene, and a few magi performed a close-up trick or two. Dr. Jack Vander Wal grilled the burgers and hot dogs (no he passed that down to me now). Jesse Shira assisted in the serving. The food was delightful and enjoyed by all. After the meal, an impromptu show was put on.

I began the show with the 20th Century Silks. A newer magi by the name of Eric performed a Coke bottle in the bag vanish and produced from his square circle “Rocky the Raccoon,” a silk streamer, and a deck of cards for a card selection and find. Dr. Jack presented a comic mental routine involving drawn animals (from Dazzling Magic — Marty Hahn). His prediction matched that of the two spectators. Jesse Shira followed with another prediction involving candy. Dennis Favreau produced a deck of cards from a sheet of paper displaying a handful of pictured deck boxes. Then he performed Twisting the Aces. Gil Scott impressed us with his gambling ability with his variation of “Beat the Cheat” by Martin Nash. Jim Parkes amazed us with a sponge bunny routine and from his “box of mystery” produced a pink and a green bunny-shaped cell phone covers as a gift to June Horowitz. June has been trying to sneak away Michele Parkes’ bunny-shaped cell phone covers. So Jim thought this would be a kind gesture. In fact, call it a birthday present. As of this writing, PIP June Horowitz has just turned 102 years young! Happy Birthday June!

Once again, it was a great fun time of a picnic. Thanks to all who came and also for bringing their edibles. Hocus Pocus Party is Saturday, November 7. It is the 29th edition. All details on our web site.

Ring 211 July 2015 Report

IMG_5259.JPGDave Bogdan presented our July workshop. It was on Fortune Telling. Dave moonlights as “Bogga Kahn” when he fortune tells, palm reads, and the like. Dad gave us a brief family history. His father was from Mongolia and he is a descendant of Gangus Kahn. Dave began when he was 8 years old. Dave mentioned to us that people are seeking answers about love, money, and health when enticed by fortune tellers. Dave shared fortune telling from its simplest form by giving everyone a “miracle fish.” He went on to describe palm reading and how the shapes of the lines on one’s palm is used for reading. He also passed out simply-made pendulums and demonstrated how to work it. His final item was Gypsy Cards. He shared two readings on these cards. We thank Dave for the workshop.

Tonight’s program was “Mind Benders.” Ron Carnell, our program chairman and the emcee, performed a book test using a book about Sherlock Holmes. Gil Scott did a coin prediction in which the coin was flipped in many heads/tails sequences. The end result was the last person standing matched his prediction. Next, he followed with another prediction using a card selection. The chosen card matched that one in an envelop. Krag Ryal assisted his grandson, Emmett. Emmett used his skillful mind to call out a person’s chosen card. Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed a cut and restored yoyo routine (Mark Mason) and then did a number and card prediction. Steven Elkowtiz thrilled us with a challenge, he successfully smashed four bags without any harm. The last bag, the predicted bag had the spike. Leo Peters intrigued us with a prediction slate routine. The number matched the predicted card. Gary Laundre’ performed a prediction routine involving colored poker chips with use of blue lighted glasses. Wayne Ramsdell astonished us with a prediction which involved determining the correct color gem stone from a bowl of various colored gem stones. Randy Vander Wal performed Joker’s Are Wild (Wild-Colombini Magic) with Krag Ryal’s other grandson, Cohen. Ron Carnell closed the show with a card prediction twist. Ron got somewhat of the cards which were in sets of three’s. The cards matched the serial number on the bill used.

Another night of magic and fun. We thank the performers and all who came. Ring 211’s 29th Hocus Pocus Party is Saturday, November 7. For details see the club’s web site.

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Ring 211 June 2015 Report

IMG_5036.JPGGary Laundre’ presented the June workshop. He titled it, “Making An Old Classic New.” He performed four routines and explained “the old into the new.” What he called an “energy tube” purchased from a hobby store, he used to magically link people’s hand together to transmit energy which lit up the so called tube. He even used the magic light bulb with this and an Invisible Deck routine. Also, he mentioned one could incorporate this tube with the Nut Off Bolt by creating an “energy vortex” from the audience. Next, he performed his Cat Scan routine an impressive card and find routine which involved a “cat scan” with a fluffy toy cat which was hooked to a processor and the result was a picture of the spectator’s brain with the insert picture of the card chosen. Next, six various color gem stones all turn red matching the red stones of the Hot Rod. A card selection (using the Pop-Eyed Popper Deck) and his wind up mini bunny rabbit (which appeared from a mini top hat he had made) found the card. He noted that he uses the mini top hat in his “No Chop Cup” Chop Cup routine. Thanks Gary.

New officers took their positions at this meeting. P. J. Weber, President; Charles Bennett, Vice President; Michele Parkes, Treasurer; Jesse Shira, Secretary; Jim Parkes, Sgt. at Arms; June Horowitz and Dr. Jack Vander Wal, Board Members at Large. The club thanks Michele Parkes for her presidential duties the last two terms, as well as Bill Rasmussen for being the Treasurer, Dr. Jack Vander Wal for being Secretary, Gil Scott and June Horowitz for Board Members at Large. The club looks forward to the newly elected officers.

Tonight was “By The Book.” One could perform a routine learned from a book or any magic periodical. Steven Elkowitz treated us to a performance of his manipulation act for competition which he just did at the Youth Chapter Meeting (see above report). Greg Raven, who is in town playing Dr. Grin’s Comedy Club (previous member now residing in Florida), performed a book test called the Yogi Book Test. Jim Merrills shared a story about how he and his daughter Kristi (and much credit to her creativity and genius when she was nine years old) built a sword box illusion from Pete Eldin’s “The Magic Handbook.” She had found a way to add more swords to the illusion, twenty-three in all. This “homemade” illusion caught the eye of Doug Tilford and it was sold through his publications. Some magician performed the first one sold through Tilford at the Excalibar Hotel in Las Vegas. Eleven were sold each at $1495.00. Cool story. Peter Stobie impressed us with Earthshoes from Joshua Jay’s “Magic The Complete Course, Nose Break, Eye Scream, and French Fry Up Nose (all from “Tricks With Your Head” by Mac King and Mark Levy). He finished with Son of Morning (lit match vanish) from “Tricks For The Part- Time Pro” by Gene Anderson. Gary Laundre’ astonished us with a sponge ball routine using Silvia, June Horowitz’s friend. The routine was from Mark Wilson’s “The Complete Course In Magic.” Jesse Shira followed by performing Order From Chaos (see above report). Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed The Trick That Cannot Be Explained by Dai Vernon.

What another fun-filled evening of magic. We thank all our performers. Saturday, November 7 is the 29th Hocus Pocus Party. See web site for details.

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Ring 211 Youth Chapter June 2015 Report

IMG_0173.JPGThe Ring 211 June Horowitz / John DeVries Magic Club Youth Chapter met on Friday, June 19, 2015 from 6:30-8:30 at the residence of June Horowitz in Grand Rapids. Youth present included, Jessie Shira, Steven Elkowitz, Dalton DeWitt, Tori Shannon and Evan Priem. Youth Advisors present included Peter Stobie, Dr. Gary Laundre and June Horowitz. Parents present included Kristen Priem, Jennifer Elkowitz, Tom Shannon, and also June’s caretaker, Richard. We thank the parents and siblings for their support and transportation to our Youth for these meetings.

We had a great meeting for our 6 month mark! We had our meeting at Past International President June Horowitz’s house in Grand Rapids, MI. June will be 102 in September, 2015 and she was full of enthusiasm as our hostess for this meeting. June welcomed the youth with cookies and beverages and we all gathered around her dining room table. Pete started the meeting with announcements and from there went into introductions of everyone.

We then opened the floor for performance. The topic was magic from a book, however, any performance is always welcomed. Dalton started the magic off with a torn and restored in a card box effect. Jessie performed the card effect Order from Chaos from Joshua Jay’s Magic the Complete Course and another card effect titled Cheek to Cheek. Evan freked Tori out with Michael Ammar’s Little Hand as “a creepy little hand reaches out of Evan’s Hands and snatches a coin he attempted to vanish! Tori’s reaction was priceless! Gary entertained us with his spring-loaded boxing glove he used to get our attention. He then did a cup & ball routine with a small crystal box and a small ball. Gary also got everyone involved with a card prediction as Jennifer held a closed card case. We all held hands and Gary connected the group with a transparent cylinder, a clear tube! When the circuit was complete the tube had lights and sound that went off! Gary checked and made sure the energy had built up with a light bulb. When Gary waved the bulb over the circle it lit up. He then had a member name a card and when Jennifer opened the deck the named card was the only one flipped over in the deck!

We then were all treated to Steven’s first public performance of his Manipulation Routine he has been practicing for Competition! Steven has a sure to be award winning smile and his magic was as smooth! He combined card and coin flourishes with billiard ball and silk routines. Everyone complemented Steven on his hard work and entertaining manipulation. We wish you well in your upcoming competitions!

IMG_0172a.JPGWe wrapped the evening up with a Q & A session with PIP June Horowitz. The kids asked her what her first trick that she performed? “The Egg Bag.” What kind of magic did you perform? “I started on stage with my father, but I really enjoyed close-up magic.” What is your go to trick that you perform now? “Card Tricks.” Other questions were asked, but June had one for us. She wanted to know if 10 year old Tori, our only girl representative member would perform a trick? Tori asked to borrow a quarter and proceeded to vanish it with an impressive French Drop.

I turned the question and asked June if she would perform a trick for us? She responded by asking if we insisted? We did! She took out a deck of cards and removed five of them. She tore them all in half showing an impressive feat of strength at 101! She then separated the halves into two piles. She then asked us to choose a pile and she said a word. She counted the cards to the bottom for the number of letters in each word. June made us laugh by saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if I blew this?” We were allowed to have her switch piles at point in the counting. She did this four times after each of the words which spelled “Last Two Cards Match.” When she asked someone if they wanted to switch, she turned to Evan and said, “Should I use him or an honest person?” True enough, she turned the last two halves over and they matched. Then to everyone’s amazement she turned over the other four pairs and they all matched as well. Thank you June for hosting and everyone else for an entertaining evening and a fantastic meeting!

Jim will be sending out an e-mail soon about the July Meeting, scheduled for July 24, 2015. Remember, that as a youth you are welcome to join our Monthly Youth Chapter Meetings for six times before you officially join the Club. We ask you to Join IBM Ring 211 for Yearly dues of $10 and strongly encourage you to check out the International Brotherhood of Magicians and become an official junior member through their website at www.magician.org. Also keep up on all upcoming Meetings, Lecture and other Ring 211 events at our website at WWW.Ring211.org and also like us on FaceBook at I.B.M. Ring 211.

The next Youth Chapter meeting will be on July 24, 2015 at 6:30-8:00pm. Location Denny’s on 28th Street. Watch your e-mail!

The purpose of the IBM Youth Chapter is as follows.

  • Youth magicians will have an opportunity to get together and share, practice and perform magic in a setting that is comfortable to them.
  • Have available resources for them to grow in the art and hobby of magic through the local Ring 211 Magic Club and IBM as a National Membership.
  • Have a limited number of adults present during the meetings so this can be primarily youth driven and not pose the adult intimidation factor often experienced by youth in front of adults.
  • All adult members who wish to visit the Youth Chapter Meetings should clear this by the Youth Chapter Advisers and attend only as observers unless otherwise directed by Youth Chapter Advisers.
  • Youth can waive Ring 211 dues for their first 6 attendances to the ring 211 Youth Chapter meetings but will be required to pay Ring 211 dues after that at $10 for Youth age seven to seventeen. For more information on IBM Ring 211 please see Ring 211 Website at www.ring211.org
  • Also after six attendances of Ring 211 Chapter Meetings, Youth will be strongly encouraged to apply for IBM National Junior Membership for age seven to seventeen. For more information on IBM Membership please see International Brotherhood of Magicians website at www.magician.org

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Ring 211 May 2015 Report

Gil Scott presented our May workshop. It was on his continuing series: “Everything One Wants To Know About Card Magic But Is Too Afraid To Ask.” Gil performed a sequence from Darwin Ortiz on card counting and shuffle tracking. In each trick, Gil could cut to the chosen card. He also showed how he did this and had Steven Elkowitz assist. Gil gave insight on “breather crimps” and on Frank Thompson’s False Cut. While at it, Gil also talked about corner shorts, gluing a center of a card onto another to make a locator card, how one can use Superglue on the corners of a card to make it a locator card, “reversed” Svengali Deck, and a “reversed” Pop-eyed Deck. Thank you Gil.

Tonight was Office Magic Night. One could perform magic with items found around one’s office. Randy Vander Wal performed a book test using a dictionary and two die (Elmwood Magic). Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed a coin pail routine with a large coin finish using a pen/pencil container. Jesse Shira performed Composition by Aldo Colombini (from his Card Festival DVD). Then Jesse performed a self folding napkin to crane. Steven Elkowitz impressed us with Hundy 500. Gary Laundre’ amazed us with his salt shaker through table routine and his jack knife (Hot Rod) routine which included the knife vanishing.

Also, tonight President Michele Parkes presented the following award certificates: Peter Stobie, Excellence in Stage; Gary Laundre’, Excellence in Close-Up; Brad Lancaster, Workshop of the Year; Gil Scott, Workshop of the Year. The following received Most Service to Club: Jerry and Kathy Herdegen, Peter Stobie, Ron Carnell, and Dave Bogdan. Stephen Bargatze received Outside Lecturer of the Year.

Another night of magic and fun. Ring 211’s Hocus Pocus Party (29th Edition!) will be Saturday, November 7. See web site for details.

Ring 211 Youth Chapter May 2015 Report

The Ring 211 June Horowitz / John DeVries Magic Club Youth Chapter met on Friday, May 15, 2015 from 6:30-8:30 Denny’s on E. 28th Street in Grand Rapids. Youth present included, Jessie Shira, Paul Vander Woude and Evan Priem. Youth Advisors present included Peter Stobie and Dr. Gary Laundre. We thank the parents and siblings for their support and transportation to our Youth for these meetings.

At 6:30pm, Paul showed us some of his magic from his Magic set from England that got him started in magic. Jessie and Pete helped Paul with his paddle move. Jessie shared a few card effects before Evan arrived. We than all shared different effects with rubber bands, cards, and other items. Evan showed us a ring that he crafted from a half dollar. He hopes to sell these and ones made from quarters in the near future. Pete and Gary provided encouragement, tips and taught a few techniques for the boys to work on. Gary was thrilled with the progress that Paul made in 20 minutes with his paddle move and the many ideas Paul came up for possible patter. It was fun to watch. Gary also enjoyed seeing Evan for the first time as Evan performed many sleights. It was great to have Jessie join us and share his experience and encouragement. Jessie wrapped up the meeting for us with a three parlor routines including, a clever color changing shoe lace routine, asuper hero prediction routine where Paul was given a free comic at the reveal, and a VanderWal family tradition of the Die Box. Great performance to wrap up a very enjoyable low-key evening.