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“The Whole is more than the sum of its Parts.” Aristotle, Metaphysica written circa 350 B.C.

Welcome to the Web site for Ring 211! Our aim is to offer a more informative, more interactive site to help everyone better promote our shared love of magic. We sincerely hope you will join us in this ongoing goal.

Our Next Meeting

Our September meeting will be the Fourth Monday on the 22nd at Brann’s. Arrive at 7:15 pm starting time, or 6:00 pm for those wanting to eat dinner with friends.

Workshop: Magic Web Sites by Ron Carnell

September 2014 Program – Restaurant Magic Round Robin Need Five Magicians who have performed Restaurant Magic! Contact Peter Stobie @ peterstobie@gmail.com if interested! More info to Come!

If you would like to MC future programs, please contact Pete at peterstobie@gmail.com.

Upcoming Programs.

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Tuesday September 9th BARRY MITCHELL 7:30 at Brann’s Denny’s.
Wednesday September 24th CARL HEIN 7:30 at Brann’s
Friday November 21st WAYNE HOUCHIN 7:30 at Brann’s

flyer01-smallTickets for Hocus Pocus are now available (and going fast). Tickets are still $20.00.

Click small picture to see full-size flyer. Please print off a few and pass them around to friends and family. We also have a full-size PDF available for printing.

Ring 211 Honors Dr. Jack Vander Wal & Ray Bielecki

jackandrayOn Sunday, August 17, Ring 211 held its annual picnic. For this report see the Ring Reports section. At the conclusion of the picnic, Ring President Michele Parks recognized Dr. Jack Vander Wal and Ray Bielecki. Both of these two I.B.M. Order of Merlin Shield members were born the same year as the Great Harry Blackstone, Jr. At the time of the picnic, both Jack and Ray turn eighty years young within the next few weeks. Happy 80th from Ring 211!

Ring 211 August 2014 Report

On Sunday, August 17, Ring 211 held its annual picnic. Members, including their family and friends, began arriving shortly after 2 PM to Dr. Jack Vander Wal’s home in Jenison, Michigan. The picnic was in the backyard which connects to Crystal Lake. Members brought a dish to pass such as a salad or dessert. The club furnished the burgers, hot dogs, and tableware. Of course, P. J. and Tina Weber brought the watermelon. Gary Oisten once again attempted to break the record he set about four years ago, catching an eighteen inch bass. Many gathered around tables and socialized. Others demonstrated a few close-up wonders such as Gil Scott. Around 4 PM, the burgers and hot dogs were grilled and all enjoyed the food. An impromptu magic show followed.

P. J. Weber opened the show with his version of the Invisible Deck. Steven Elkowitz impressed us with a card transposition. Randy Vander Wal performed “Quote-A-Log” by Fred Moore. Gary Oisten dazzled us with a few card routines. One was a card selection and find, then a big card-little card matching prediction, and then the final one being a matching prediction by taking half the value — the three and half of club big prediction card. Dr. Jack Vander Wal presented Phil Goldstein’s “Shinkansen,” an impressive cards across routine. Vince Rosso followed by producing three silks from a rod and air balloon in bottle. Chuck Bennett closed the show with a gospel routine using three white feathered rings and three different color silks. The silks changed to the desired colored silk color with the finish being the three rings transforming into a large multi-color feathered ring.

What a fun time at this year’s picnic. A thanks to all who came and our performers. President Michele also recognized her uncle Ray Bielecki and our secretary Dr. Jack Vander Wal as both of these elderly youthful members turn eighty within the next few weeks. Wow! Ray and Jack each received a brownie dessert. Hocus Pocus Party is November 1 with headliner Stephen Bargatze. Check our web site for details.

Ring 211 July 2014 Report

The July workshop was presented by MagicBob Zoerman who happened to have his friend, Justin Raj, from Chennai, India. Justin was with Crusade for Christ for seventeen years and is now on his own tours throughout India. Justin aims to make his audiences laugh and enjoy his magical surprises. He says that some people of India view magicians as frightful and scary. So no haunting magic from him. MagicBob asked Justin many questions about himself and his focus in magic and Justin replied. Also, Justin performed a bunch of enticing magic. This included a silk streamer hand vanish and reappearance, a lengthy ribbon production, a ball and vase illusion in which a red silk turned into the red ball and in the vase was the red silk, a mini silk vanish in hand and the silk reappeared on a large playing card as colored PIPs, a water in glass suspension, a Professor’s Nightmare, a shrinking tissue which continued to move back and forth by an invisible hair and a wand, colored silks to a Blendo to a color streamer using a change bag, a knot magically untying on a rope, three silks being tied together and having the knots vanish, and a silk to cane. We enjoyed having Justin perform his magic. A thanks to both Justin and MagicBob.

Before the program for tonight, President Michelle presented the following with awards. Workshop of the Year was given to Gary Laundre’. Excellence in Close-Up was given to Gary Oisten. Excellence in Stage went to Peter Stobie. Outside Lecturer of the Year went to David Stone. The following received an award for their service to the club: Jerry & Kathy Herdegen, Peter Stobie, Dave Bogdan, and Ron Carnell.

Tonight was Bags of Fun with chairperson President Michelle Parkes. Magi had to perform a routine using a bag made of cloth, paper, etc. Jesse Shira was our first performer and placed a written letter inside a paper bag, blew air into the bag, popped it, and the ink on the letter had vanished. Next, he had the assistance of Gary Laundre’ in a prediction routine. Seven bags, the “bag of mystery,” and the prediction envelope were the items of interest. By a hilarious process of elimination of the number of bags, the one chosen by Gary matched the prediction. The prize was a piece of gum. Dr. Jack Vander Wal presented Lollipop by Carroll Baker. Randy Vander Wal had three dirty cloths, a clothes line, and pins placed in a bag. It was shook up and down by Cindy Bennett and then torn open with the three cloths clean hanging on the clothes line. Leo Peters had a husband and wife assist him. The husband named a color and the wife was able to reach into a bag full of colored balls and pull out the named colored ball many a time. Next, Leo had three ropes placed in a bag, they became tied together, and then the knots vanished. Gil Scott closed the show with his version of Inferno by Joshua Jay.

Another night of magic and fun. We thank all our performers. Hocus Pocus Party, the 28th edition will take place Saturday, November 1. The Dynamic Comedy Duo of Stephen Bargatze and Rick Merrill will be the prime feature. Check out the information on the club’s web site, ring211.org.

Ring 211 June 2014 Report

Brad Lancaster presented our June workshop and his topic was “Using Music In Magic.” Points stressed were one should have the music be transformational like in the movies, one’s collection of music in the show should be a unified collection and not sporadic, one should carefully plan music so as to have the music not draw away people from the magic but to the magic, one should use instrumental music and be sure to have the magic set the lyrics, and one should fit the music to the magic or edit the music to the routine. He performed his Sidewalk Shuffle routine and also a color changing plume routine both with patter and music as to demonstrate how the music enhanced each routine. He also answered a few questions on royalty-free music, on using an I-Pod for storing your music lists, and on speaker systems. He also advised one to use people that have “an ear” for music. We thank Brad for this much informative workshop.

Tonight was Magic & Music. One had to perform a routine to music. MagicBob Zoerman opened the show by performing the Russian Rings. He dedicated this to one of his magic friends, Randy Craven, who has been battling a health concern. Next, he showed us a science concept on “conservation of angular momentum” using a ceramic egg on a string and how it wraps around a wooden cross without smashing to the floor. Dennis Favreau presented a rope routine which included cutting and restoring, no ends, and a Professor’s Nightmare. He concluded his act with a linking ring routine using two rings leading up to eight rings. Brad Lancaster dazzled us with a four ace production from a deck of cards and then four piles each including an ace had the ace vanish, except for the last pile now ended up having all four aces. P. J. Weber explained what music he uses for his mouth coil to dove production, performed to music the Growing Head Illusion and the Rubick’s Cube Puzzle, and concluded his segment by explaining what music he uses with his linking ring routine. Gary Laundre’ was an added act tonight. He had no music so he hummed and “mouthed” the music to a three coin transposition and Hopping Halves.

Another night of magic, fun, and fellowship was had. We thank our program chair Peter Stobie and all who performed.

Ring 211 May 2014 Report

Our May regular meeting was held one week prior due to Memorial Day. Gil Scott presented this month’s workshop. It was on another topic of “Everything You Want To Know About Card Magic But Afraid To Ask.” This “class” was an expanded version of taking a trick, learning and practicing it the way it is written, then think of ways (patter, methods, etc.) to enhance and improve it. Within this workshop he took us on a tour of how the “Fred” card trick evolved overtime. He explained how Marlo performed it, how it became the “Oscar” card trick, and now the “Phil” card trick. With the “Phil” version there were two parts. He described how he improved his performance of “Phil” patter as well as using a method from one of the two previous tricks. Next, he performed and explained how he improved his performance of a poker card trick by Senator Crandall. Here, five blank cards were fanned and one magically changes to an ace with the climax of all cards changing to show a Royal Flush. Gil called his version “Hooser” or whatever name or resemblance one would like. Those group of five cards were like a “wild hand” to get the winning hand. The climax being all the cards changing to show a Royal Flush. Thank you Gil.

Tonight was “Assistance Required!” One had to perform a routine which used at least one assistant. New youth member Christian Rasmussen (son of Bill) performed three tricks as initiation into our club. His father assisted him. For the first trick, he flicked the deck near his ear to “hear” the chosen card. He did this twice. Next, he had Dr. Jack Vander Wal choose three random cards. Chris used his mental magic power and named all three. Like Johnny Carson’s character “The Great Carnac,” Chris had three $2 dollar bills and a $100 dollar bill each placed in separate envelopes. These were mixed and Chris succeeded in calling out which bill was where. Tina Weber, Gil, and me ended up with the two dollar bills. Good job Chris! I used new member Noah Cranson and Steven Elkowitz to help Paint My Flower, a Laflin silk routine. Steven Elkowitz followed by having President Michele Parkes sign a card. He performed an Ambitious Card. Then folded her card and he signed and folded one, had her place one in between her lips while he had one go into and out of his mouth, and the end result was the cards exchanged places. Gary Laundre’, our MC, had Sonny Tgiros select a card and Cindy Bennett act as the medium by obtaining a sense from a pendulum. Next, Tina Weber made a card selection and Jennifer Elkowitz called out the name of the card by use of Gary’s magical watch. Dennis Favreau had four random people think of an object. Dennis wrote down each thought and at the end, his predictions were masterfully fulfilled.

Another night of magic and fun. Thanks to Gary and our performers. Stay up with Ring 211 by its web site and search “Ring 211″ on Facebook and Twitter.

Ring Event: Ring 211 Hosts Boris Wild & Daryl Lectures

Ring 211 Boris Wild with Tina WeberIn April Ring 211 (June Horowitz/John deVries Magic Club) in Grand Rapids, Michigan hosted two lectures. One was Boris Wild on April 27. Two days later was Daryl. Ring 211 highly recommends both of these magi to lecture to your club.

This was the first time that Boris lectured to our club. He is one of the most renowned French magicians in the world. He is an international performer, author, creator and lecturer. He was on the cover of the April 2008 issue of The Linking Ring. Find more on Boris Wild at his web site http://www.boriswild.com.

Highlights of Boris’ lecture:

  • Three card routines using the Boris Wild Marked Deck — finding the chosen card as the twenty-second card, a card prediction, and then utilizing this with the Invisible Deck
  • Traveling Kiss
  • Perfect Open Prediction
  • Any Card At Any Birthday

Boris strives to perform a routine in which the magi can eliminate all possibilities of how it can be done and the magi finishes absolutely clean. He described his Marked Deck in great detail as all the routines he performed. He had available for sale what he performed as well as his lecture notes (PDF file) and his book “Transparency.”

Ring 211 Daryl 2This was Daryl’s third time presenting a lecture for us. He is “down to earth” and his excitement for performing magic is beyond Planet Pluto. World Champion Magician, Daryl, is internationally acknowledged as “The magician’s Magician.” He is much sought after, world-wide, as a professional performing magician, lecturer, and keynote speaker. He has invented magic for many famous TV magicians and brings people some of the finest, most practical magic in the world. In fact, the vast majority of the magic performed and explained in his lecture used simple, ordinary objects. Visit Daryl at his web site http://www.daryl.net.

Highlights of Daryl’s lecture:

  • Comedy Surprise Torn & Restored Paper Routine (“Cup of Mystery”)
  • Odd Quad
  • Rope Through Neck
  • Ropes Through Body
  • An Impromptu Chink-a-Chink Routine
  • Dai Vernon’s Climax to a Dice Routine
  • Cards Into The Fourth Dimension And Back!
  • Impromptu Card Rise (Rising Card from Envelope)
  • Impromptu Cup and Ball Routine
  • He devoted a few minutes on Theory and Principle and provided examples: The Effect-less Method, A New Effect for a Standard Classic, and his “First Magic Trick.”
  • Passage of Thought! (Crossed Thought)
  • Acrobatic Knot (his favorite trick)

His lecture was filled with great magic, great information, and great answers. He had available for sale in addition to what he performed: Essentials In Magic DVDs, Fooler Doolers 1, 2, 3 DVDs, 3 Card Monte DVD, Audio Transposition, Bounce/No Bounce, Squeaker Gimmick, Rainbow Ropes, Double Crossed, Hyper-Bent-Elation, Princess Card Trick, Dice Set, his 4FXII Lecture Notes, plus packet of previous notes.

Our club thanks both Boris and Daryl for their fantastic lectures including our lecture chair Dave Bogdan for obtaining this “double-whammy!”

Ring 211 Boris Wild Ring 211 Daryl 1