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“The Whole is more than the sum of its Parts.” Aristotle, Metaphysica written circa 350 B.C.

Welcome to the Web site for Ring 211! Our aim is to offer a more informative, more interactive site to help everyone better promote our shared love of magic. We sincerely hope you will join us in this ongoing goal.

Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be September 24, the Fourth Monday as usual. We’ll meet at at Brann’s. Arrive at 7:15 pm starting time, or 6:00 pm for those wanting to eat dinner with friends.
Workshop: There will be no workshop this month.

September 2018 Program: There will be NO PROGRAM this month.

Our regularly scheduled Magic Program (which would have been a focus on Openers and Closers) has been canceled. Instead of our usual workshop and performance program, we will be attending a special lecture by Steve Marshall. Steve was one of the featured performers in August at the Abbott’s Get-Together in Colon.

Ring 211 fee is free (just because it’s a normal meeting night) and other magi are $15.00.

Steve Marshall Lecture Tour 2018 Flyer (PDF File)

Please contact Ron Carnell if you would like to perform or MC.

For more information and a map to Brann’s, please check the Events Page

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Want to get ready for next month’s Magic Theme?

October 2018 Program: Hocus Pocus Table-hopping Round Robin

We’ll be looking for performers who would like to try out their walk-around routine for club members. Since many of us are performing tableside at Hocus Pocus, we don’t always get to see each other’s magic. EVERYONE intending to perform at Hocus Pocus is invited to first do their thing for fellow Ring 211 Members.

Please be prepared to do about five minutes at each of four to five tables.

Complete list of all Monthly Magic Programs for 2018

Ring 211 September 2018 Report

For our September regular meeting, we postponed our workshop, had a very brief business meeting, and canceled the program for a special lecture by Steve Marshall. Some would say, he was tonight’s program! A fine one indeed. It was his East Meets West Magic Lecture Tour 2018. He also called this as Asian Astonishments: Magic & Mystery from the Far East. Read all about it as that report was sent in as a Ring Event. Look for it in this issue or an upcoming one.

Ring Event: Ring 211 Hosts Steve Marshall Lecture

For Ring 211’s regular September meeting . . . call it a fall kick-off lecture! . . . we had the delight of having Steve Marshall present his East Meets West Magic Lecture Tour 2018. He also called this as Asian Astonishments: Magic & Mystery from the Far East. Steve Marshall is currently visiting nearby Holland, Michigan, where he was born. When he was three years-old his family moved to Zephyrhills, Florida, where he spent his youth. He has been living in Japan for the last twenty years but decided to come back to the USA for four months to perform shows and do a lecture tour that took him to six states. He attended the I.B.M. Convention this year in Grand Rapids and was part of the talent line-up of the recent Abbott’s Magic Get Together. Since he has family living in Holland he decided to base himself there for the tour. In October he will be doing a series of seance-style shows that were inspired by the Spook Shows of the mid 20th century. He will return to Japan in November.

Steve Marshall has been traveling the world entertaining audiences with strong magic, fun comedy, and original presentations for over thirty years. In his career he has been a circus clown, fire eater, escape artist, and TV commercial actor but his first love has always been the art of magic. Steve has also written, directed, and performed shows for major theme parks, cruise ships, and companies such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and De Beers Diamonds and he wrote an award winning column in M-U-M magazine for ten years called Asian Astonishments. Steve has appeared on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us and on the covers of the M-U-M and The Linking Ring and knows what it takes to entertain audiences of different ages, cultures, and walks of life. Recall, that Steve Schlanger produced an in-depth article about Steve Marshall in the November 2016 issue of this journal. Plus, Steve Marshall had a One-Man Parade in that issue.

Eagerly with a full house of magi, Ring 211 was ready for his lecture where we learned magic that Steve has personally used in his shows for paying audiences so he knows that it works and the strong reactions the material gets. Also, we learned his original effects as well as magic from Japanese magicians who are his friends and have a unique way of thinking about the art and presentation of magic. We experienced the “Japanese way” of creating a trick. Further, we learned items for close- up and stage routines as well as Steve’s presentation tips that make everything play well. He answered our questions. Plus, we enjoyed his love to discuss magic with us and his telling stories of his life and travels.

Highlights of his lecture:

* Color Bands by Nobuyuki Nojima — a rubber band color change
* Small Triumph Card Trick also by Nobuyuki
* Crazy Calculations by the Napoleons — impressive revelation for use on any calculator including on a smartphone
* All Messed Up by the Napoleons — card selection and reveal with use of a lunch bag
* Ben-san’s Bowl Routine — all heard of Benson’s Bowl Routine — this one using sponge Sushi and other fish with a bagel production as climax
* Strawman by Alan Wong — an Okito voodoo doll with a Glorpy routine
* His appearance on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us — stories of his dice stacking
* Wong Guess by Alan Wong — with use of a white board the wrong guess changes to the correct revelation with the eraser.
* Diamond Twist by Alan Wong — similar to Twisting the Aces in which the diamond drops from the Ace as climax and the PIP is gone
* The End — card selection and find trick in which the card is lost and then found in the deck and when placed between spectator’s hands, it magically appears on top of the deck and the card between the hands has changed to a gag card. His own trick which was featured in his One-Man Parade.
* Disappearing Knot’s by Chidori Shyokyokusai — a Knot’s Off Silk routine
* Lemon Prediction by Dr. Shigeru Tashiro
* Blister on finger and thumb to reveal image of card from Sharpie marker

He had his lecture notes available for sale as well as Alan Wong’s DVD on Souvenir Linking Lover Bands, Routines by Steve, Diamond Twist, Strawman voodoo doll, Disappearing Knot’s, pen caps, Ben-san (Benson) Bowl, pocket watch coin holder, neck crackers, and Alan Wong’s Presents Missing by Charlie Frye (DVD).

We thank Steve for this enjoyable lecture and we recommend him to any club. This lecture was set up by our Ring President Jeff Brodrick, a thanks to him. Most of our lectures are set up through Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net), our lecture chairman. Connect with Steve on his web site and Facebook Page:




Ring 211 August 2018 Report

In August, we do not have either a board meeting nor a regular meeting because we have our annual picnic. Once again, it was held at the Late Dr. Jack Vander Wal’s back yard which blends into Crystal Lake. Members, their friends, and family members arrived just past 2 PM on Sunday, August 19, which happened to be a beautiful sunny day. Members brought salads and desserts. The club furnished the dinnerware, soft drinks, burgers, and hot dogs. Those who attended chatted among each other about their summer activities, the latest on the magic scene including recaps of the recent I.B.M. Convention Grand Rapids, and a few magi performed a close-up trick or two. Jennifer Elkowitz and her sons Steven and Robert cast their fishing poles upon the lake and caught many. In fact, Robert beat Gary Oisten’s record of a fourteen inch Bass last year only to tie his record of 17.2 inches this year. Christian Rasmussen with his dad, Bill, and his mom, Julie, plus Randy Vander Wal kicked a soccer ball around. Randy Vander Wal grilled the burgers and hot dogs. Jesse Shira assisted in preparation of the picnic and in the serving of the food. The food was delightful and enjoyed by all. After the meal, a handful of members put on an impromptu show.

Gil Scott opened the show with an impressive book test. Randy Vander Wal performed a favorite of his, The Prayer Stick. Jeff Brodrick amused us with a knife through a spoon illusion in which a spoon is placed in a mini envelop and a knife stabs through the envelope lifting a fork out instead. Hank Slagter amused us with a ring and rope penetration and then a ring onto a necklace. Christian Rasmussen demonstrated his skills in juggling by juggling balls, rings, and clubs. Not just three but doing at least four. Then he balanced himself on a Bongo Board and continued juggling clubs and then balls. Finally, Jeff Brodrick assisted Christian with a “toss across head ringer.” Christian threw all eight rings at once a good five feet and Jeff ringed them around his neck over his head. Steven Elkowitz (going by Steven Michael) closed the show with quite an impressive manipulation routine. This was a sneak peek at what he will be performing at our upcoming Hocus Pocus Party in November. To music he began with a flash and a ball appeared. This changed to a silk and then back to a ball with some silk and ball manipulations. There were many ball vanishes and appearances including a color change. Then out of his top hat there was multiple productions and vanishes of card to ball to card to more card productions. Cards productions single as well as fans from his hand appeared and dropped into the top hat, even an array of cards produced from his mouth impressed us. This was followed by more card productions (single and fans) including multiple color changes.

Once again, it was a great fun time at this picnic. Thanks to all who came and also for bringing their edibles. Hocus Pocus Party is Saturday, November 3. It is the 32nd edition. Two headliners this year: The Vegas Magic of Joel Douglas and The Amazing Corbin! Details are on the Ring 211 web site and on Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/events/2141906642786168/. Just search “Hocus Pocus Party!”

Ring Event: Bernardo Sedlacek Lectures to Ring 211

On August 17, Ring 211 had the pleasure of having Bernardo Sedlacek present his current lecture to Ring 211. Bernardo Sedlacek is known by his strong card magic, creativity, style, and extreme card skills. He began in magic at the age of nine. Considered one of the best card magicians in Brazil, he has performed in many countries including USA, Australia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and a few others, acting side by side and fooling the most known and brilliant minds in magic, such as Michael Vincent, Alex Pandrea, Woody Aragon, Bill Mallone, Lennart Green and many others.

The lecture he calls “nameless lecture” has been seen in four countries (USA, Spain, Mexico, Brazil). Using his own effects, he taught and showed us the most important things in magic: psychology, theories and subtleties, that can be used in any kind of magic. The lecture was divided in three parts: mini show; explanations in full details including all the subtleties, theories, and psychology applied; and a la carte (informal talk about magic) plus a surprise. Gil Scott, one of our card magic experts, enjoyed the lecture. The following members provided their input. “Bernardo Sedlacek is the leading card magician in Brazil. His style and performance are genuine. Although he is only twenty-one, his presentation and ability appears to be from years and years of practice. His lecture is smooth. It includes interesting psychological aspects to card manipulation. It is also very entertaining.” — Ring President Jeff Brodrick

“Great lecture! He had great routines that showed how psychology and subtlety works.” — Al Munro

“I enjoyed the Sedlacek lecture, and I thought he was a good choice. The techniques were simple and effective. I especially liked his version of the classic force. That being said, almost all of Sedlacek’s techniques depended on his very talkative style. His classic force is an example. It depends on an ongoing stream of patter that’s interrupted with an aside at the moment of choosing a card. Without the rather rapid, fluent patter there would be no interruption and no misdirection. I don’t know how one achieves this level of loquacity. I suspect it’s some scripting and a lot of exposure to audiences. Classes in improvisation? Lecturers who depend on a skill rather than on a series of concrete steps are inspiring but very difficult to emulate.” — Phil Gleason

He had material to sell. Ring 211 recommends him to any club. We thank him for his lecture and our lecture chairman, Dave Bogdan (bogsmagic@comcast.net), for obtaining Bernardo. In fact, upon having dinner with Jim and Michele Parkes, he sparkled, impressed, and amazed not only the waitstaff but nearby patrons. Michele exclaimed, “He gave us yet another show! The waitstaff was just bewildered.” Visit Bernardo on You Tube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ2EWsoQWvSeD4SfH0dp64g and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/bernardosedlacek/?hl=en.

Ring 211 July 2018 Report

The club held a Broken Wand Ceremony for June Horowitz in place of the July workshop. MagicBob Zoerman, our club chaplain, officiated. The wand was provided by Bill Rasmussen.

This month’s program theme was Mentalism or Mental Magic. Members had to dust off those Zener cards and multiple-out envelopes, as we prepared ourselves to utterly amaze ourselves with a dmonstration of our mental prowess. Telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, was all fair game. We could pick to do mentalism, which tends to be long and potentially boring because the performer wants us to believe he/she is really psychic, or mental magic which is usually faster paced and more fun because we all know it’s just a trick. (This paragraph modified from Ron Carnell’s July meeting announcement. He is our webmaster, who posts our monthly program announcements on the Ring 211 web site.)

Just prior to the program, Bill Rasmussen and his son, Christian, showed us their table with camera set up for viewing close-up magic on stage. It was quite interesting and their set up table/smartphone video transmitting has quick set up and breakdown, is lightweight, and quite handy. They also shared how they entice their audiences to show up at the start of showtime with the posting of a “pre-show schedule.”

Ron Carnell, our program chairperson, opened the show with a truth or lie card routine. The chosen card happened to be the only card in a blank deck. Gil Scott demonstrated his fine mind reading talent by obtaining the correct wine Mackenzie Bradley was thinking. He continued with an exceptional book test revelation. Hank Slagter intrigued us with his reading of ESP cards. Ring President Jeff Brodrick borrowed Bill Rasmussen’s smartphone which transmitted a larger image of Harry Houdini on the available room screen. Looking at Houdini’s eye pupils one could see Bill’s card selection revealed. Impressive. Gary Laundre’ dazzled us by using a “third eye” trinket to reveal Randi Richardson’s card. We welcome Randi Richardson back to our meetings! Also, the whole deck changed to the chosen card which was the Eight of Clubs. Not only that, but then her card changed to the Hocus Pocus Party card. This card is about the size of a bridge size card and advertises our upcoming Hocus Pocus Party which will be November 3. Details on our web site. Great boost on the advertising Gary. MagicBob Zoerman enticed us by revealing which member had the black marble out of the many white marbles we could select from a bag. Next, MagicBob impressed us with a book test. Randy Vander Wal added some comic flair by presenting McCombical Deck. P. J. Weber puzzled us with a series of multiple coin tosses that he had Jeff Brodrick do. We could pick head or tails. Some how the coin always ended tails side up and Charles Bennett was the last one standing. Ron Carnell closed the show with a gathering of multiple numbers given from various audience members and when added together, it matched his prediction.

Tonight was another fun-filled night of magic and fellowship. We thank all our performers. Gear up for the Hocus Pocus Party!