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“The Whole is more than the sum of its Parts.” Aristotle, Metaphysica written circa 350 B.C.

Welcome to the Web site for Ring 211! Our aim is to offer a more informative, more interactive site to help everyone better promote our shared love of magic. We sincerely hope you will join us in this ongoing goal.

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fleamarketRing 211 Flea Market at Trinity Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids, MI on April 19, from 10am to 3pm. View or print the Flea Market 2014 Flyer for more details.

Boris Wild Lecture – April 27th 2014 7pm at Denny’s.


BorisWildBoris Wild is one of the most renowned French magicians in the world. He is an international performer, author, creator and lecturer. His specialty is close-up magic, a top-level performance happening a few inches only from your eyes! Boris also offers stand-up magic on stage, a complete one-man show in parlour conditions, two world-famous card magic acts plus exclusive lectures and workshops. His performances have drawn thousands of spectators all over the world: London, New York, Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Sydney, Tokyo…

His creativity and original approach of magic allow him to perform for the biggest companies in the most prestigious places of the five continents, such as “The Magic Castle” in Hollywood where he has already performed more than 100 shows. In 2008, Boris was chosen to be the official magician at the evening gala of the World Economic Forum in Davos which gathers the most influential people of the planet.

Daryl Martinez Lecture - April 29 2014 7:00pm – 9:30pm at Brann’s

darylbioDaryl is the professional name of Daryl Easton, formerly Daryl Martinez, an American magician based in Las Vegas. In his marketing he uses the self-proclaimed title of “The Magician’s Magician.”**** 3RD GRAND RAPIDS APPEARANCE!!! *******He specializes in card tricks, close-up and parlor magic. Two of his most famous contributions to magic are the “Hot Shot Cut”, a knuckle-busting sleight where the spectator’s chosen card spins like a boomerang out of the deck, and the “Ultimate Ambition” trick which allows a card to be inserted fairly into the middle of a deck and yet appear back on top.Daryl won the gold medal at FISM – the World Congress of Magic (the “Olympics” of Magic), in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1982, with a routine that included his now famous Ambitious Card Routine using the Ultimate Ambition. He has been awarded 6 Academy Awards from the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California (no one has earned more). Twice, his peers voted him Close-Up Magician of the Year (1980 and 1981), twice as Parlour Magician of the Year (1986 and 1987), and twice as Lecturer of the Year (1988 and 1992). The list goes on and on with victories in every major competition he has entered. More recently he was voted one of the 100 most influential magicians of the 20th century by Magic Magazine.

His first contact with magic was in 1962, as a 7 year old. A Svengali Deck his friend’s family gave him was the start of everything. He was fascinated by magic as he thought of the kinds of tricks he could perform with this trick deck.

At first, he only showed his friends and family his tricks, but he later began performing street magic in San Diego. For several years, he would street perform during the day, and perform close-up magic in night clubs at night, wearing a tuxedo.

In 1973, when he was 18, his performance at an exhibition held by the Kaiser Aluminum company was well received, and he began to travel with the company to perform at their exhibitions.

In 1999 and 2000 Daryl and his magician wife, Alison, toured the world with Daryl’s “New Millennium World Tour Lecture”. They lectured and performed in over 250 cities in 25 different countries. (Grand Rapids was one the cities.)

In January 2001, Daryl performed magic at the inauguration celebration of President George W. Bush.

Daryl has enjoyed performing and lecturing in Japan many times, including in February 1982, March 1983, 1985, September 1990 and 2000, and November 2005.

Daryl performed as a headline act at Caesars Magical Empire, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas for 7 years before deciding in 2003 to move, along with his young family, to the Sierra Foothills of northern California. There he continues to write, invent and perform magic for both lay people and the magical community.

He is well known to magicians as the presenter of many teach-in video series for L&L Publishing, including Daryl’s Card Revelations, Encyclopedia of Card Sleights, FoolerDoolers, and Daryl’s Ambitious Card Video.

In addition to lecturing around the world, he also teaches individual and group lessons at his home. His wife, Alison Easton, was the first woman to be inducted into The Magic Circle.

Our Next Meeting

There is no April meeting. What? A Flea Market and two lectures this month aren’t enough for you?

Our May meeting will be the Third Monday (not the usual Fourth Monday, due to Memorial Day) on the 19th at Brann’s. Arrive at 7:15 pm starting time, or 6:00 pm for those wanting to eat dinner with friends.

Workshop: Details to follow.

May 2014 Program – Assistance Required! Perform an effect or routine in which one or more assistants are required. Remember this is a performance, please do not lecture or sell anything at this time. We need performers and an MC! MC – Contact Pete if interested!

If you would like to MC future programs, please contact Pete at peterstobie@gmail.com.

For more information and a map to Brann’s, please check the Events Page

Ring 211 March 2014 Report

Our March Meeting varied slightly from the normal. This month the workshop was included within the program. The program was “Ring 211 Close-Up College Slam!” Members enjoyed a combination of program and workshop through a unique “round robin” of our finest! “Professors” Dennis Favreau, Brad Lancaster, Gary Landre’, and Gary Oisten performed and then demonstrated effects each; i.e. taught us how to perform each. Members were encouraged to bring: a deck of cards, four to six coins (quarters or half dollars), coin shell, pen or marker with a cap, and enthusiasm to learn and enjoy.

Dennis Favreau had the following: Impromptu Pen Vanish, Quarter/Paperclip Puzzle, Impromptu Cap in Water Bottle, and Ace Appearance from Middle of Deck. Dennis provided each of us with a detailed hand- out. Two other routines he shared were cutting to each Ace by showing the top and bottom card of the deck and a four coin and card matrix routine with the end result of the last coin to go attracted all four.

Gary Laundre’ showed us The “No Chop” Chop Cup Routine. Gary obtained the chop cup and balls from a local dollar store. He finds “cool stuff” that he might be able to put a routine together such as this one. He also provided a detailed hand-out and supplied a fancy, attractive cup and balls to each of us.

Brad Lancaster showed us a stunt with four coins in which the end result is that one coin ends up in one hand while the other hand ends up with three coins while in the beginning each hand had two in it, a card routine involving four piles and a shuffle of “three under and one across” gives the result of four aces. He also showed another four ace routine which involved a magician’s choice. His last routine was a four coins across from hand to hand.

Gary Oisten shared with us some of his rubber band magic. One was a rubber band vanish in one hand. The other was a two rubber band penetration one strand at a time. His last item was Pick Your Pocket, a card trick he read from Tarbell. A rubber band goes around top and bottom of the card box with the deck inside the box. The secured box then is placed in his shirt pocket and the chosen card is quickly retrieved as he places two fingers in his pocket.

We thank each of our professors tonight. Each had to do their performing and teaching four times as four tables were set up. But this was a good “hands on” experience.

Chris Randall Lecture

Ring 211 Chris RandallIn mid March, Ring 211 — The June Horowitz/John deVries Magic Club — hosted a lecture by Chris Randall at its meeting place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Chris Randall was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is considered one of the top sleight of hand artists in the world. He has appeared on The Masters of Illusion TV show and is a regular performer at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood. He has been working up and down the Las Vegas Strip for over fifteen years. For the last few years Chris has been focusing on traveling the world with his award winning act and has been hitting the streets becoming one of the finest street magicians in the world being hailed by the best in the business as the future of street magic. His original material has been featured in Magic Magazine, Genii, MUM, The Penumbra and on his DVDs Live at the Magic Castle, Sugar High, Magic at the Bar, Sweet, Heavens Aces, and his critically acclaimed The Inception. We were delighted he could perform and share some of his magic with us tonight.

Highlights of his lecture were:

  • UFO
  • Two Linking Ring Routine with a silk penetration
  • Inception (an anytime, anywhere, self-contained bill in lemon routine) which included a Professor’s Nightmare Rope Routine
  • Danny Garcia’s Pressure (phone inside balloon)
  • Heaven’s Aces (four jokers produced at one’s fingertips one by one instantly change into four aces)
  • He demonstrated a few flourishes, card controls, including the Asher Twist at eye level
  • Swoosh (deck switch)
  • Card Out of Mouth
  • Card Under Glass
  • Sugar High (contents of a freely selected sugar packet changes to a selected color)
  • Napkin To Rose — shared with us the preparation and supplied napkins for a “hands on”
  • a color change
  • rose to production of a bottle
  • and His Number/Her Number

He closed his lecture with a few words of wisdom from Lance Burton and on ideas of branding your name.

He had for sale many of the items in his lecture including a pamphlet by Nick Diffatte, “Do Not Pass Go.” DVDs for sale were Heaven’s Aces, Sugar High, The Inception, Chris Randall Live At The Magic Castle, and Magic At The Bar With Chris Randall.

This was another fine lecture. We thank him and recommend him to any club. Visit Chris at his web site: scandalmagic.com. We also thank Dave Bogdan, our lecture chair.

Ring 211 February 2014 Report

Our February workshop was presented by MagicBob Zoerman. He and his wife, SuZie, have traveled to India nine other times, and they have just returned from their tenth visit. This year they first visited Niagara Falls on the Canadian side and visited family in Pennsylvania before flying out of Philadelphia. They have journeyed through 15 states of India and this year the two areas were Hyderabad and Warangel. Two other friends, Norm Barnhart and Sonny Shipman, joined them this year and those two traveled to two other areas. MagicBob and SuZie along with the two other friends do this as part of mission work through Campus Crusade for Christ. MagicBob performs magic shows while SuZie presents her colorful chalk art which uses special lighting to enhance the artwork. See pictures and his stories posted on MagicBob’s Facebook page. They sought out to do thirty shows (programs) in two weeks and realized that they were on track for fifty. At the conclusion, they (the four) have done eighty-seven shows for audiences of children to the elderly with many shows for schools and universities. At many shows the audiences were in the thousands such as 2,700 which climaxed at 6,000 per day. MagicBob presented a “powerpoint” presentation which included maps and many pictures of areas, people, and artifacts which they visited. Some of the magic routines MagicBob performed included the Mismade Flag (using the India flag) and math and mental effects. SuZie included many state significance facts in her chalk art. In an upcoming workshop MagicBob will show some India magic tricks that he has obtained from the trip. Thanks to MagicBob and SuZie.

Tonight’s program had to do with rope, string, and the like. Peter Stobie was the emcee. Peter began the show with Knot-o-matic and a piece of rope penetrating through a clear tube. Brad Lancaster did a nice ring and rope penetration routine. Peter Stobie followed by magically turning a white rope into red. Gary Laundre’ had a card selected from a deck, shuffled, and placed in a brown grocery bag. He then by magic, “lasoed” the card onto the rope from within the bag. Peter Stobie followed again by having a rope come from a deck of cards. He then flicked the rope in the air like Roy Rogers to create a knot on rope. Many impressions followed: figure eight, Scotty Hamilton double eights, Robin Hood, a mosquito, and large intestines. Jim Parkes performed Cube on Release and finished with the “Tide box on rope” gag and “that’s All.” Yes, Peter performed again, this time he presented Aldo Colombini’s Knot Off Rope Gag. MagicBob presented a gospel routine using many knots to a length of knotted rope. Then he and SuZie performed Rope Through Body on Jesse Shira. Peter Stobie again: recycling many pieces of rope into a restored piece from within a mini trash can. Randy Vander Wal closed the show with a Duane Laflin routine which involved four colored pieces of rope tied to each other to magically blend into a long multi- colored piece of rope.

Another great night of magic and fun. A thanks to Peter and the performers. Check out our web site for upcoming lectures and events.

Ring 211 January 2014 Report

Brad Lancaster presented the January workshop on Coin Sleights. He encouraged everyone to have brought two dollar size or half dollar size coins. Brad talked about the taking care of one’s hands by using lotions and creams such as Chamberlain’s Golden Touch Lotion, O’Keefe’s working Hands Creme, Cornhusker’s Lotion, and Sort-Kwik. He demonstrated as well as informed us of the following concealments: finger palm, classic palm, fingertip rest, thumb palm, Down’s palm, and back palm. He warned us of “windows” and to keep them closed. One should be able to transfer a coin from different palms. He then showed us the following subtleties: Ramsey, Kaps, and the holding of a magic wand or pen/pencil. This makes the hand look empty. He went on to demonstrate the following transfers: simple put, simple take, French drop, retention pass, friction pass, finger palm transfer, classic palm transfer, and thumb palm transfer. He continued by showing the Le Homme’ Masque and the Vernon Wave Load for loading a coin and for passes and switches: shuttle pass and Bobo switch. He concluded the workshop by advising one should never look at one’s hands when executing a sleight and to use misdirection by occupying the spectator’s mind with something else such as a question or make them laugh and to have them look where you want them to look. One should learn one’s technique well so one can focus on what the spectators are watching. We thank Brad for his work on the workshop.

Tonight the program was “Sponge Sensations.” Peter was the chairperson and opened the show with a sponge ear plug production. In between one of the acts he produced a “hair ball” from his mouth and produced a “snowball” from a rapid production of snow powder he called “dehydrated snow.” That snowball then split into two. P. J. Weber was our first performer and produced and vanished a sponge ball including a few multi-productions with the assistance of an audience member. New youth member Steven Elkowitz also performed a sponge ball routine which included the sponge splitting into two, squeaking, and multiple productions. Gary Laundre’ intrigued us with his ball and antique bowl routine. The climax was a rabbit tail and a rubber mask. Randy Vander Wal presented Don Alan’s Ball to Jumbo Square. Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed Benson’s Bowl Routine ala Don Alan using sponge squares and the climax being a bagel. Peter Stobie amazed all of us with his cups and balls routine in a comic way using patter in combination with his many speech accents which included three sponge egg productions and then productions of mini replicas of the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Statue of Liberty.

Another night of magic and fun on this very snowy January night. We thank Peter, all the performers, and those who fought the snow to attend. April 12 is Michigan Magic Day 2014!

Ring 211 December 2013 Report

T’ was the night exactly three weeks after Christmas and all through the house not a mouse was stirring, except at a Malarky’s restaurant where Ring 211 held its annual Holiday Party. Each member and spouse received a gift bag compliments of the Ring which included candy canes and a gift, which was a deck of cards for the magi donated by Hippity Hop Magic. After a delicious filling dinner amongst the lively friendly chatter a few of the members also performed a trick informally in small groups. In some cases, “a teach and do.” No formal performance program today. Just a good time of food, fun, and fellowship. Looks to be a bright and exciting year ahead in 2014! Stay tuned with Ring 211 by viewing its web site.

What a fun holiday party. We thank Prez Michele Parkes for her work designing this party. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year! Our friends of Ring 386 (Abbott-Watson Magic Club) are hosting Michigan Magic Day 2014 in Colon, Michigan on April 11 and 12. Check out the talent and all details at _www.michiganmagicday.com_ (http://www.michiganmagicday.com) . Visit Ring 386 on it’s Facebook page and at _www.ring386.com_ (http://www.ring386.com) .

Ring 211 November 2013 Report

For our November regular meeting we do not hold a workshop and the business meeting is very brief so we may have enough selling and buying time for our annual auction. Over four lengthy (8 foot) tables displayed enticing magic apparatus, tricks, and books. Some items were single such as an attractive table, production boxes of sorts, Spikes Through Arm, various card tricks, rope, coins, and escape items. Other items were sold as package deals. Pamphlets, books, magazines, posters, and memorabilia filled in any empty spots on the tables.

Before the auction began, Dr. Jack Vander Wal, had the honors of presenting the Candy Grab Bag Sale. This sale is actually attributed to Percy Abbott as he had many of these types of sales back in the early days of the Abbott Magic Get-Togethers. Eighty bags were filled with at least two pieces of special candy delights. The candy again this year just arrived from a large candy manufacturer based in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Happy Jack explained that his eldest son visited that candy town on a summer trip and accidentally stored a small amount of the various chocolates in a production box. This just created an abundance for the candy sale. Also, almost all the bags had magic puzzles and trick prizes donated from Jim & Michele Parkes of Hippity Hop Magic. Five bags yet were a tad bit more of interest as each of these contained a one dollar bill. The bags sold faster than lit flash paper as they were fifty cents a bag or three for one dollar.

MagicBob Zoerman used his also auctioning skilled voice to force those bids to the highest potential. Many of the items sold. One particular item of interest sold at a great deal of a “steal.” Roger Bus had put his escape illusion, The Web by Lance Richardson, up for sale. Brand new this is $1,150.00, including the ATA case. The sellers made their profits, the buyers were pleased with their newly purchased “toys,” and the club made ten percent of all sales. Ring President Michele Parkes and I kept track of each sale making sure the debits matched the credits. This year’s biggest buyer was SuZie Zoerman. Our biggest seller was Roger Bus.

Another night of fun and fellowship. The club thanks all who sold and bought with an extra thanks to Dr. Jack, MagicBob, and Jim and Michele. Michigan Magic Day will be on Saturday April 12, 2014, the 45th edition, hosted by Ring 386 (Abbott-Watson Magic Club) of Colon, Michigan. View http://www.michiganmagicday.com/ for details. Find Ring 211 on Facebook and Twitter too.