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“The Whole is more than the sum of its Parts.” Aristotle, Metaphysica written circa 350 B.C.

Welcome to the Web site for Ring 211! Our aim is to offer a more informative, more interactive site to help everyone better promote our shared love of magic. We sincerely hope you will join us in this ongoing goal.

Our Next Meeting

Our first meeting of 2016 will be January 25, the Fourth Monday as usual. We’ll still meet at at Brann’s. Arrive at 7:15 pm starting time, or 6:00 pm for those wanting to eat dinner with friends.

Workshop: Cups and Balls by Gary Laundre’

January 2016 Program: May The Force Be With You

We’re looking for any trick or routine that depends on a force, i.e., a volunteer unknowingly makes a choice that has been dictated by the magician. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a playing card, of course. Other items can also be forced. Be creative! (HINT: Magician’s Choice, or Equivoque, is also a force.)

Please contact Ron Carnell if you would like to perform or MC.

For more information and a map to Brann’s, please check the Events Page

Coming Soon!

Complete list of all Monthly Magic Programs for 2016

Christmas party will be held January 30, 2016, 11:30 am to 3:00 pm at Old Country Buffet in Rogers Plaza, 1038 28th St SW, Wyoming, MI 49509.

Ring Event: The Outerbridges Lecture to Ring 211

Ring 211 Ted and Marion OuterbridgeIn early January Ted and Marion Outerbridge presented their current lecture “Touring Secrets” to Ring 211. Ted Outerbridge has been hailed by critics as “the most successful professional magician in Canada” and “a champion of magic.” A professional since 1982, Ted has been featured in theaters from coast to coast and on both sides of the Atlantic, where he set box office records with his tours Illusions, Magician Extraordinaire, Magical Moments in Time, and The Time Capsule Tour. Marion is a dancer as well as his lead assistant, plus an integral part of their shows. Ted and Marion were a featured act on the Finale Show at the 2015 I.B.M. Convention in Jacksonville. See review of their act in the August 2015 issue. They also received rave reviews for their lecture they presented at that convention. See the November 2015 issue. What follows below are highlights of the routines of the lecture to Ring 211.

  • Perfume — Similar to Cardiographic, a comedy prediction of which perfume a volunteer is thinking.
  • Time of Day Prediction — This diabolically clever prediction was originally developed for their media appearances on radio and television, but it blows people’s minds anywhere, anytime. Use of the Invisible Deck principle.
  • Purple Card — A hilarious selected card and find for adults or children involving a water pistol loaded with grape juice.
  • Psychic Is Right — Similar to McCombical Deck and Psycho but in a game show scenario.
  • TP Prediction — A “packs small, plays big” comedy prediction (time in this case) using a roll of toilet paper.
  • Gypsy Thread — his take on how to avoid the “tangle” and his performance which centered around family values.
  • Touring Secrets — This was throughout the lecture and enhanced with a video presentation of pictures and short video clips. He shared with us how to book your show, what to do at media appearances, great publicity stunts, developing original material, a sample day in a touring illusion show, and more. Floating Barricade Light (zombie routine), Time Machine, Levitation/deKolta Chair, and Divided Lady were shown. Ted builds much of his high-tech illusions because of his background in carpentry. However, he told us he sought help from experts on the production of their web sites, photos, and marketing material. It may be expensive, but well worth the ending results.

We enjoyed their lecture and recommend them to any club. They had lecture notes for sale as well as many of their routines. Visit Ted and Marion at www.tedouterbridge.com. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Ring 211 November 2015 Report

For our November regular meeting we do not hold a workshop and the business meeting is very brief so we may have enough selling and buying time for our annual auction. Actually, we opened the doors early for what was to be a flea market prior to the auction. Only two of our members had brought a vast array of product for the flea market: Brad Lancaster and MagicBob Zoerman. The flea market part was ready at 5:30 PM for any early arrivals. Just past 7 PM, Dr. Jack Vander Wal, had the honors of presenting the Candy Grab Bag Sale. This sale is actually attributed to Percy Abbott as he had many of these types of sales back in the early days of the Abbott Magic Get-Togethers. Seventy bags were filled with at least two pieces of special candy delights. This year the candy was purchased from a candy maker from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, avoiding the unfortunate happenings in Paris, France. Also, some of the bags had magic puzzles and trick prizes donated from Jim & Michele Parkes of Hippity Hop Magic. Five bags yet were a tad bit more of interest as each of these contained a one dollar bill. The bags sold faster than lit flash paper as they were fifty cents a bag or three for one dollar. Over four lengthy (8 foot) tables displayed enticing magic apparatus, tricks, and books. Small illusions, various card tricks, rope, coins, and escape items enticed many. Other items were sold as package deals. Pamphlets, books, magazines, posters, and memorabilia filled in any empty spots on the tables. Even a few VHS videos were for sale, but many DVDs were available, especially from Brad Lancaster. He must have brought his whole video library.

MagicBob Zoerman was the auctioneer. He used his auctioning skilled voice to force those bids to the highest potential. Many of the items sold. The sellers made their profits, the buyers were pleased with their newly purchased “toys,” and the club made ten percent of all sales. Ring Treasurer Michele Parkes and I kept track of each sale making sure the debits matched the credits. This year’s biggest buyers were P. J. Weber and Wayne Ramsdell. Our biggest seller was Brad Lancaster.

Another night of fun and fellowship. The club thanks all who came and either bought, sold, and/or enjoyed the festivities. A thanks to MagicBob, Dr. Jack, and Michele for their devotion to this auction. Heads up: Michigan Magic Day 2016! — Ann Arbor — presented by I.B.M. Ring 210 and S.A.M. Assembly 88 — The Ann Arbor Magic Club — Michigan Magic Day 2016 will be held Saturday, April 9th with a pre-party on Friday night, April 8th at the beautiful facilities at Washtenaw Community College! Featured performers will be Gordon Schott Jr., John R. Dudley, Paul Nielsen, Anthony Grupido, Gene Anderson, Stuart MacDonald, Rufus the Dufus, and Levent, and perhaps some other surprise guests! It’s going to be great! Registration will be $50 for Saturday (including the public show that evening), $10 for the pre-party, and TBA for just the Saturday night show. Details as they develop at www.michiganmagicday.com. Also, https://www.facebook.com/michiganmagicday2016/.

Monthly Magic Programs for 2016


May the Force Be With You

We’re looking for any trick or routine that depends on a force, i.e., a volunteer unknowingly makes a choice that has been dictated by the magician. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a playing card, of course. Other items can also be forced. Be creative! (HINT: Magician’s Choice, or Equivoque, is also a force.)


Magic With a Message

EVERY magic trick tells a story, but some are clearly more explicit than others. Perform a trick or routine that delivers a message to your audience. Gospel magic certainly qualifies, but there are many other possibilities as well. Your message can be a serious one, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.


Comedy Magic

Get ready to tickle your audience’s funny bones with a trick or routine designed to make them laugh. Cards, coins, silks, anything at all flies as long as it’s funny. And if you can amaze them at the end with some really strong magic, that works, too.


Money Magic

With April 15 fast becoming a National Day of Mourning, it’s only natural that our April Program focus on our continuing love/hate relationship with MONEY. Your trick or routine can center on money, or address it only obliquely, but it should definitely bring out the cash at some point.

Note: We’re setting up a special Escrow Account for anyone who wants to burn a volunteer’s hundred dollar bill this year.


Magician In Trouble

It’s a common theme in magic, and one that audience’s always seem to enjoy. They love to see us stumble and prove we, too, are merely mortal. Perform a trick or routine where failure appears imminent — just before you turn it around and once again do the impossible.


This Case is Open & Close

There are thousands of routines we can put into the middle of a show, but only a select few are strong enough to be Openers or Closers. Your Opening trick has to immediately grab their attention and set the tone for everything that follows, while your Closer needs to be powerful and memorable (because it WILL be the thing they remember the best). This month, we focus on the best of the best.


Mentalism or Mental Magic

Dust off those Zener cards and multiple-out envelopes, as you prepare yourself to utterly amaze your Ring 211 audience with a demonstration of your mental prowess. Telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, it’s all fair game in July.

What’s the difference between Mentalism and Mental Magic? Mentalism can be too long and potentially boring because the performer wants us to believe he’s really psychic. Mental Magic is usually faster paced and more fun because we all know it’s just a trick. You can pick which one you want to do at July’s Ring meeting?


Annual Picnic


Tarbell Night

There are 61 chapters in the original Tarbell Course of Magic and an additional 32 chapters in the three books later added to the Course. It shouldn’t be too difficult to pick out one trick or routine from this encyclopedic collection to perform for the Ring 211 audience in September?


Hocus Pocus Table-hopping Round Robin

We’ll be looking for performers who would like to try out their walk-around routine for club members. Since many of us are performing tableside at Hocus Pocus, we don’t always get to see each other’s magic. EVERYONE intending to perform at Hocus Pocus is invited to first do their thing for fellow Ring 211 Members.

Please be prepared to do about five minutes at each of four to five tables.


Ring 211 Flea Market & Auction


No Meeting

Ring Event: Ring 211 Hosts 29th Annual Hocus Pocus Party!

IBM Ring 211 BannerOn Saturday, November 7, Ring 211 — The June Horowitz/John deVries Magic Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan — held its 29th Annual Earl Ray Wilcox Memorial Hocus Pocus Party. Members sold tickets to a crowd of 268 people. Attendees came from all over West Michigan. Members, their friends and family members enjoyed a fun-filled evening of magical wonderment which included a delicious buffet dinner and cash bar, a strolling close-up magic period, sponsored raffle giveaway prizes such as a fifty/fifty cash drawing, and a fabulous cabaret show.

The event was held at Lincoln Country Club on the northwest side of town. Magically, attractive designed table décor invited the guests to their tables. Magic-themed posters, streamers, and other party related décor were placed on the side walls to add to the festive appeal. This event was also advertised on local newspaper and TV station web site calendars, Facebook, Twitter, and on MLive.com.

Face PaintingRabbit and JunePrior to the full dinner buffet and until the cabaret show, there was fortune telling by Bogga Kahn (Dave Bogdan). Also there was face painting by SuZie Zoerman and Cassandra Heimbecker as Whimsey T. Clown. David Storms provided many balloon creations to not only any kids, but to adults too. Raven Keckler as Harvee The Rabbit was also a favorite attraction.

The strolling close-up magic began during the food buffet period and continued for about an hour after the dinner. Magicians began by going to tables waiting to go through the buffet line. The following Ring 211 magi amused, amazed, and dazzled our guests: MagicBob Zoerman, Bill Rasmussen accompanied by his son Christian, Gil Scott, Jesse Shira, Jim Parkes, Nicholas Watkins, Wayne Ramsdell, P. J. Weber, Gary Oisten, Dennis Favreau, Dr. Jack Vander Wal, Randy Vander Wal, Bruce Wehr, Steven Elkowitz, Gary Laundre’, Willow Bigham as Mystic Willow, Christian Fransted, Pete the Magician, and Leo Peters.

Our emcee for the cabaret show, Jesse Shira, thanked the close-up performers prior to the evening show and then recognized PIP June Horowitz (still “magic-partying” now at 102!) as she had the honor of pulling the ticket winner of the fifty/fifty raffle. A lucky winner received $159.00 and other winners received the giveaway prizes which included small beginner magic tricks, Mr. Burger coupons, a phone case, magic related posters that lit up (some had candy with them, others had DVDs), and other trinkets such as a Thurston metal sign, a craft gift of colorful markets, stickers, and coloring booklets.

The evening concluded with an extremely entertaining cabaret show featuring Jesse Shira as the emcee (at eighteen, the youngest ever to emcee this show and a job well done!), Brad Lancaster, Gil Scott, P. J. Weber, Steven Elkowitz, and headliner John Dudley. Brad Lancaster opened the show with his enticing Knots Off Silk routine, the famous Prayer Stick, and a nifty cut and restored rope routine. Gil Scott followed with Marked, a large card color changing back with letters (marked deck) routine. Next, Gil performed a trio of mental magic which included Glance, an image drawing revelation, and a card revelation. An entertaining pick pocket routine involving a poker chip, its purse, a wallet with bills, cards, and a passport added laughs. Somehow, the bills, cards, and the passport vanished from the wallet which was in the spectator’s back pocket and reappeared with Gil. He closed his segment with a torn and restored bill which reappeared inside an Altoids’ box. P. J. Weber enlightened us with his mouth coil to dove production, the Growing Head Illusion, a ball and vase illusion which included a card selection and the card being revealed on a silk from inside the vase. P. J. closed his segment with his version of the Torn & Restored Newspaper. Steven Elkowitz (at fourteen, youngest to have an act on this show!) began with an impressive manipulation act which included a flower petal to a balloon to a billiard ball production with color changes, vanishes, and appearances, plus multiple productions. White card fans and card productions followed from his finger tips and his mouth with even more card productions from his hands which even included colored cards appearing. His manipulation concluded with a silk fountain production with a large silk. Next, Steven shared his mentalism with us. During dinner he passed out twelve envelopes. Then he had three people come on stage and select random pages from a book. They tore the pages into a bunch of little pieces. One person picked a number from one to ten. He counted out that many ripped pieces. Then one person found the largest word on that piece (word being “disappearing”). Then he called up the twelve people from the audience and had them stand in the order of their envelopes. They opened their envelopes and it spelled the chosen word. He finished his segment by vanishing his pet bunny. Jesse Shira performed a hilarious Abbott Head Twister Illusion, the Vanishing Bandana to more laughs, and a suit jacket with chain cuffs escape with the assistance of two gentlemen. Jesse wore a seventies’ suit jacket and the two men wore glasses from that time, one with even side burns. It took Jesse a few attempts. Every time, the men lowed the curtain, he was in an awkward position with the jacket and the cuffs. John Dudley was the closing act. He first gave a greeting to a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary and did his Bill the Bird Silk Vanish, a gag. Next, he slopped-shuffle a deck of cards and magically restored the order. He followed with his “It” card selection and revelation routine in which he, at first, failed finding the card. It was not in his wallet with a bunch of other cards, nor was it the “It” card, but happened to be on the opposite side of the fifty-two on one card inside the prediction envelope. Next, was his version of B’Wave and an eight linking ring routine. He closed the show with his Randy the Raccoon Routine which was very funny indeed.

What another astounding Hocus Pocus Party! There are many to thank: the entire membership for selling tickets, Jim and Michele Parkes for obtaining the place and managing all ticket sales, Gil Scott and Dave Bogdan for putting the show together, our stage, close-up performers, and other artists, Bill Rasmussen for heading the sound, Brooks Alder for operating the sound, Charles Bennett with Jim & Michele Parkes for heading the prize drawings and raffle, Dr. Jack Vander Wal with supplying the jet sets, Jeff Veley for use of his attractive backdrop, Christian Fransted and Jennifer Elkowitz for stagehand help, Jerry and Kathy Herdegen for decorating each table to magic affair, and to my cousin Derek Lieverdink for photos and videotaping. Also, a thanks to Monica Cooper, Danielle Cuperus, and Stacey Krause (related to Michele Parkes) in assisting with ticket handling, decorations, and the prize drawings. A final thanks to any other member who helped out in any way and to the Lincoln Country Club’s staff for their pleasant hospitality. An event such as this allows Ring 211 to host many lectures throughout the year to its club members.

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Ring 211 October 2015 Report

IMG_5850.JPGBrad Lancaster presented the October workshop. It was on Busking. Brad has done busking in New Orleans, New York, and Chicago. He began in 1981. He, at times, continues to busk locally, such as in Holland, Michigan during their summer weekly busking community program. Brad says that his prime reason to busk was to make money “period.” He informed us of some of his experiences. One may busk among comedians, jugglers, singers, musicians, puppeteers, mimes, and other artists. One may have to fight to own one’s space. Know if a permit is needed and be ready to move if the police request. He explained his costuming and that he wanted to stand out. He also performed a few routines he mostly uses and how he would request for money within his patter. Such routines would be Rocky the Raccoon (He’d start out with this in a passive way to attract groups of people.), an introduction followed with three routines such as silk and hand vanish routine, a chop cup routine with large balls as a climax, and a deluxe Professor’s Nightmare Routine and having an audience member with an instrument to add participation. His busking was between twelve and fifteen minutes. He uses a Leffler table and a Happy Amp when needed.

Thanks Brad.

Tonight’s program was a “Hocus Pocus Preview Round Robin.” Nine of our members in two groups went table to table performing up to five minutes of magic, similar to what performers will be doing at our upcoming Hocus Pocus Party.

IMG_5870.JPGSteven Elkowitz amazed with a card selection transposition, an ambitious card including card to mouth, a two card monte and transposition, and hilariously forcing a spectator’s card numerous times. Gary Oisten dazzled with his “cut out the middleman” card routine (a card selection and find including a color change and transposition), another card routine in which the card turns over within two other cards, the production of a red deck from a blue box and the box vanishing in the spectator’s hand, and a card and coin matrix routine with a multiple large to larger coin production as a climax. Gil Scott astonished with a two card transposition, a card out of a box, and a mental reading. MagicBob Zoerman challenged with “cover the spot” game, six smaller circles were dropped just a half inch above a larger red circle. Only MagicBob could accomplish the seemingly easy puzzle. Dr. Jack Vander Wal performed Instinct and Triple Coincidence. Christian Fransted (a newer member and his Ring 211 debut) impressed with a sponge ball routine with multiple productions and vanishes, a two card pocket transposition (Transpositions were popular tonight.), and his “Psychic” routine in which two cut flipped cards are matched to the same two corresponding cut cards pulled from his pocket. Gary Laundre’ amazed us with a coal to diamond routine and his “chalice of mystery” sponge ball routine which included appearances and vanishes from the chalice, a penetration through his jacket, and two in hand and one in pocket. Next, he did a color changing knife routine with a Hot Rod finale. Bob Panlener thrilled us with his version of Card-Warp, rubber band penetrations, and one dollar bill changing into a one hundred dollar bill. Randy Vander Wal performed a coin vanishing with a mini nun appearance and Queens Royal Wave.

Another night of magic and fun. Yes, we are ready for Hocus Pocus Party! A thanks to all for attending and also to each performer. Read about our Hocus Pocus Party in this or an upcoming issue.

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Ring 211 September 2015 Report

IMG_5628.JPGJesse Shira presented our September workshop. He titled it “Perusing Prestidigitatio?n Periodicals: Good Magic from Good Magazines.” Jesse enjoys reading magic routines from past issues of various magic magazines. He compiled a pamphlet including six routines including how to obtain access to back issues. He supplied these to the club members. He performed and explained the following four routines with the assistance of Steven Elkowitz: “The Ace of Trumps” (Fulminations, No. 54, Gary Ouellet, Genii Magazine, May 1996); “Automatic Ace Triumph” (Kuniyasu Fujiwara, Genii Magazine, page 19, May 2000); “Fading Coin” (Tomoyuki Takahashi, Genii Magazine, page 28, May 2000); and “The Acme Thought Card Pass” (Dr. Jacob Daley and Annemann, The Jinx, No. 16, page 80, January 1936). Thanks Jesse.

IMG_5652.JPGTonight’s program theme was Holiday Magic. One could perform a routine being related to Halloween, Christmas, Valentine, etc. MagicBob Zoerman performed a large version of Split Deck relating to Valentine’s Day. Willow Bigham, a youth who goes by Mystic Willow, presented a three large envelope prediction routine involving characters from the movie “Hotel Transylvania 2.” Dr. Jack Vander Wal astonished us with a card selection routine by John Born. Three people select the color, the suit, and then the value of a card, and this card is pulled out of the deck. Next, all the backs are shown to have a written monetary value. Then the money is counted from Dr. Jack’s wallet (lying in view from beginning) and this amount matches the value on the back of the chosen card. Dennis Favreau magically produced a chocolate “Kiss” candy in his hand from a cocoa bean, a sugar packet, and a piece of aluminum foil. Next, he amazed us with a prediction match involving numbers and zodiac signs (from Wild-Colombini Magic) to a Halloween theme. Gary Laundre’ performed a chop cup routine using a ball and a mini witch hat with the assistance of Steven Elkowitz and Mystic Willow. Skeleton wands were used and Steven had to wear “Minion” glasses. The climax was the production of a silver ball. Ron Carnell, are program chairperson, humored us with his “Under Water Escape.” Ron and Mystic Willow each had a full glass of water to hold over their heads and then to soon turn the cups over. While Mystic Willow closed her eyes, Ron drank his cup of water. She had to use magic words. Well, by pure magic when she tipped her glass over her head, the water had escaped!

Tonight was another fun-filled night of fellowship and magic. A thanks to our performers.

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